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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Keeping Busy

Andy gets back home today after being away for nearly two weeks.  Normally he's only away from Monday - Friday, however occasionally he has to work a weekend on the big project he is running.  The money's good when he works a weekend and so long as it doesn't become a bi-weekly occurrence (like last spring) we don't mind too much.  Sure the money can be fantastic but we think quality of life has to take priority.  So from time to time it's OK and helps us with the little extras. Like wine. Ok... maybe not like wine since I hardly drink it any more.  Sorry that I keep reminding you of that. 

Anyway, they say a little distance makes the heart grow fonder and it must be true because I'm really looking forward to seeing my man this afternoon. 

I don't mind my own company and as far as companions go, I couldn't ask for better than my girl Moll, however sometimes I have to get out and be sociable.  

Last Saturday Beryl and I hit up the Mill House (some of you who have been here will be familiar with it):

Beryl enjoyed the fish platter (way too much batter for me but doesn't she look fab - 85 and still going strong)

Of course I opted for the Paella and was NOT dissapointed.

I did chase it down with a well deserved treat... an ice-cold pinot grigio :) 

I swear I could eat this everyday.  And I did when we were in Barcelona a few years back even though I had some kind of allergic reaction to so much shell fish and my face swelled up to epic proportions by the last day...) Paella - one of my absolute favourite foods.  

On Sunday Beryl and I spent the afternoon doing our other favourite thing - shopping.  I bought a new dress that I feel fantastic in (it's amazing how a few dropped pounds can make you feel so good) and I can't wait to wear it in Paris... 

On Monday I had the day off to spend with Jayden and we picked Great-Grandma up and headed out to the Brigg Garden Centre to see the brilliant dinosaur display which intrigued Jayden until we got to the moving T-Rex which frightened him.  I couldn't help but think of my niece Clara and how much she would love it.

Of course a healthy lunch had to be eaten:

Followed by a nap when we got home:

Then back out to play:

He kept turning around to go watch the big kids on the jumps...

They are both happy as long as they have a ball...

A little break: 

 My boys.... I don't know who is cuter. OK. I do really.  

Dawn and I have gone on a couple of walks just before dusk this last week.  Each time we've easily cleared more than three miles.  I don't know who's enjoyed it more, us or the dogs.

We've seen some spectacular sunsets which I've tried to capture but of course it's only a fraction of the true essence of what we actually witnessed. 

This morning the 4x4 had to go in for it's annual check up.  I decided to throw my bike in the car even though the garage is the opposite direction from work. But that didn't deter me as it only meant an even better workout.  With it being the summer holidays traffic wasn't so bad and I made it from one town to the next in 26 minutes.  I was a sweaty mess but felt great.  

The end of today marks not only Andy's homecoming but another three day weekend (Monday is the August Bank Holiday in England).  Hope you all enjoy whatever it may be that you have planned. 


Laraf123 said...

Enjoy your weekend! Obviously, from this post, I can tell you sure know how to spend your free time! Lovely photos!

AndyMan said...

Andyman commenting... 2 times in a year .. wow.

Love reading your comments Laraf123 and i know jody looks forward to them also.. makes her blogs all the more special.


Jody said...

Wow husband this is a treat. You are right, reading such lovely comments when perusing older posts are what completes this... Makes me sad that I lost so many great comments when I changed the layout. Lara is definitely my number one supporter these days :) although I know I have a high traffic volume and most people are busy I have to say a special thanks to this 'friend' who I know is always incredibly busy but always takes the time. Xoxo