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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Any old excuse will do really

I'm feeling kind of odd today.... maybe I could even say a little 'out of sorts'.  
I have a couple of topics that I'd like to share, although because I'm not really feeling it today, I thought I'd share a few more photos.

These were taken over the past weekend, a long weekend for us here in the UK.  Andy and I spent the time well - with friends drinking and eating.

These ones especially make me smile: 

Andy and our beautiful Madelana 

The 'boys' - Andy & Robert - Cheers

Me & Dawn (awful shot of me, but we are having fun so it's good for the memory book eh?)

And of course my favourite guy ever:

Could you not get lost in the blue of these eyes?

Oh... and although I love the month of September and have so much to look forward to, I'm so not ready for it.  I'm just not ready for summer to be nearing it's end.

But to celebrate the fact that we have had a fairly good summer here (meaning it hasn't continuously rained) Andy and I are having a small summer gathering on Saturday evening. 

Bring on the fairly lights, beer, food and of course the fire pit.  Maybe even some dancing.  
Either way I'm looking for another reason to celebrate something.


Laraf123 said...

Summer went by way too fast over here as well. Enjoy your gathering on Saturday--can't wait to see all the fun you have!

Great photos--so filled with joy!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jodie. Your lurker here and loving all your posts. We had friends from your neck of the woods/Lincoln and they brought me a treat. Walkers. French. Fries. Thanks for the tip. I am partial to the origanal ones but John is pleased with the "favoured" ones. See. You are good for something!:-)