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Friday, March 07, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

Every week I keep telling myself I really need to find the time to post;  finally I'm making that time and am realising that it's been nearly a month since my last.  Hmmmm so much for my resolution to post more and surpass my yearly totol.  It's only March and already I'm off to a bad start. Does it really matter? Who knows.  I thought it mattered to me, but obviously not enough.  I can't even plead that I'm too busy because I'm not.  Bah, never mind, it is what it is.  

I will save you the boredom of a monthly up date and give you the weekly run down, which goes something like this:

Although I'm not overly busy in my personal life, work has been incredibly busy which is probably the real reason I haven't been posting, as I will often find time to do so when I'm having my lunch. These days I just want 20 minutes to read my book as I scarf down a salad. I took last Friday and Monday off and enjoyed a four day weekend which then meant I've had to spend the last four days making up for it. 

Last Friday morning was gorgeous and I had Jayden for the day so I took him and Molly over to the park for most of the morning. I don't know who loved it more out of the three of us. Both Jayden and I certainly loved watching Moll bound in and out of the woods like a pup as she was chasing squirrels. 

I spent the rest of the weekend cooking and baking, which I haven't done in a long time. 

On Tuesday I invited Alex, Bonnie and Jayden over for pancakes however shortly after I got home from work there was a power cut so sadly pancakes didn't happen. The electric board sent a few guys around later in the evening who then called in the guys with a jack hammer and by about 12 am we were rigged up with temporary power until they could get back the next day and sort it. The power cables are underground here so it was an awfully big job to reconnect the power for six houses! At least when they are underground it means our electrics aren't at the mercy of the weather - with the high winds we are always experiencing in this area its a definite bonus. 

On Wednesday after a lot of debating with myself, I made the decision to give up wine for Lent. Sure I could have picked chocolate or cake but just in case you aren't in the know, Lent is about sacrificing something we love and that will challenge us. As I type this now I'm not craving chocolate, I'm wishing I had a cold glass of Pinot Grigio beside me. I will probably wish for the same thing when I run my bath later. So yes, this Lent I will be challenged. Much the same as last year. 

As some of you may be aware, yesterday was World Book Day and I was thrilled that Jayden's nursery was participating. I happened to have him overnight on Wednesday so was delighted to get him ready yesterday morning. 

Is he not the cutest Gruffalo ever? 

Which brings us to Friday. It's been a good week but I'm glad to have two full days off in which I have nothing planned but walking Molly and perhaps getting in a workout. 

Oh, and Andy and I just finished booking a holiday in Skiathos this June. We had hoped to go to Newfoundland in the spring but a joint trans-Atlantic trip just isn't in the budget this year. We will make that journey next spring. So for now we have ten days in the sun to look forward to and thankfully it won't be Lent when we are there :)

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Laraf123 said...

Ten days of sunshine and wine? Worth waiting for!

I wasn't going to give up anything for Lent but my 7 year old kept pestering me. How's that for guilt? He agreed to give up playing games on my phone if I give up eating snacks after he goes to bed. I don't know which of us is going to have a tougher time!