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Friday, February 14, 2014

Love Hearts say it Best

Every year, for as long as I can remember my mother has been sending me a Valentine's Day card.  In recent years this has extended to both Andy and myself which I think is so sweet. Mom has always taught us that Valentine's, although traditionally a day for lovers is not only about lovers.  It's about love.  All the various types of love.  It may just be because of this that I was never the girl who whined about being on my own at Valentine's;  I always felt treasured and loved and not just on Valentine's; Besides it is after all just one day,  which is great if you have someone to make a fuss over it but certainly not the end of the world if you are without a lover.   It's only one day. 

The fact that I've married a man who tends to be more saccharine than me on Valentine's is ironic, especially since it's not been as popular in the UK until more recently.  Either way Andy seems to enjoy Valentines and enjoys expressing his love for me on this day in various different ways.  For our first Valentine's we weren't together as we lived in different countries yet he had  flowers and a beautiful gift sent to me.  A few years ago he arranged a scavenger hunt that ended up with me arriving at Greek restaurant to find him waiting for me all suited up and bearing a gorgeous bracelet. He wasn't even supposed to be in town that night.  

As much as I love these romantic gestures I'm always telling him that he doesn't need to do all that; it's money that we don't need to spend. However at the same time I appreciate that he works hard and that he loves being in love, especially with me.  And I love it really.  Roll your eyes over the sappiness of it all if you will but hey, it is Valentine's Day and I do have a lover, so what did you expect?

Today I  received a gorgeous bouquet of long stemmed red roses.  The delivered kind.  The kind that I always tell him not to buy me on Valentines because the mark up is ridiculous But then I think of one of my best friends whose birthday is today and how her boyfriend always used to send her birthday flowers the day after Valentine's because of the price and I realise that it's actually quite lovely to receive flowers at the office on Valentines and know that he's thinking of me.

So no, I don't like to 'buy' into the materialistic aspect of days like today; however my husband needn't worry that I've lost all interest in celebrating it because when he makes it home this evening I can assure you he will be appreciative of what I have planned.  Here's a hint: the blinds will be shut, the doors will be locked and the house has been declared 'no go zone' for the kids (a warning text that I'm sure the kids puked a little over). The wine is chilling and I will spare you the details of what else is on the menu.

Either way, I do know how to celebrate Valentine's and I'm grateful to have a man that I adore and who still turns me on after nearly 10 years of marriage.   

I hope you all have a loved up day no matter what type of love that may be; failing that, there is always chocolate. And wine.  

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