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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I Will Prevail...

The past few days have been busy with interviews and errands. I just got back in from spending an afternoon window shopping and having coffee with my friend and neighbour Julie. This morning I was supposed to have an interview for a Home Liason Officer with a rather rough school however had to cancel as I've decided its not the road I want to go down at the moment.

I did however have two interviews at the hospital and both went rather well. I did not however succeed in getting the part-time position I was seeking from Friday's interview. I had a lengthy conversation with one of the interviewers on Friday afternoon and was told that out of four people I scored the highest marks, and although they were very impressed with my skillsets and knowledge, they were inclined to give it to the person who already was working for the trust (the hospital). I figured this might happen, as office politics often work this way in such an organization. I was told that I would be a great asset to the trust and that they would be passing me on to HR... yadda yadda. It was a positive experience though and I am now more determined than ever to get hired on with the trust, something I believe will be easier after the interview I had yesterday at the hospital. It would appear that I am on my way to being Bank Staff (casual) for the trust and as I will be employed by the trust, things like what happened on Friday shouldn't happen again. The interviewers for the bank position actually referred me on to a position that they think I am highly qualified for. So who knows. So, for the time being I will continue on looking for work with the trust, as well as other places.


The new local movie theatre has finally opened here after a long delay. Its nothing fancy but it has nine cinemas and is a lot closer than having to drive all the way to Lincoln or Hull - both of which are at least 35 minutes away. We took the kids to see A Shark Tale the other day and this weekend I will finally be heading out to see The Edge of Reason, Bridget Jones. At least its being a mostly British film ensured that it was released here at the same time as North America, something that is very rare.

If your looking for me to talk you out of it...

When it comes to my friends being unhappy in their lives I usually try to lend a listening ear and only give my opinions when asked for. I of course, don't like to see my friends hurting, as it of course hurts me to see them this way.

I have a poll on the side bar asking if its ever ok to cheat on your significant other. I know everyone has different ideas of what constitutes cheating and if its ok or not. Personally, I really don't mind what other people do, but if a friend of mine comes to me and tells me they are going to, or have already done so, I'm not going to stand in judgement of them. I may fear for what may be the end result, but in the end it's their call. I will be concerned for them if they are in a solid relationship or there are children involved.

We all know how Andy and I started so we are the LAST people to ever make a judgement call on anyone. I do know this however, cheating on Andy is not an option. Ever. No matter what happens in the future, I would believe I will never do that to him. We have a very respectful relationship and even if things were to go bad between us I know that I care about him too much to ever stray. I would leave first. We have gone thru way too much to ever concede to such a thing. And in all honestly this is a first for me, as it is for him. So, when my very unhappy friend comes to me and tells me she is debating an extramarital relationship, I'm not the one that's going to try and talk her out of it, especially when I'm not close to her husband. I did however ask her to remember this question 'Will it be worth losing your husband and everything you have together?'. It's the best I can do. I know too many people who have strayed - some for really stupid reasons, some for much more serious reasons - is it right - no, not really - but I understand some do what they have done for selfish reasons. The only thing I ask is that they please not ask me to lie to their partner.

I feel sad that my pal is locked into an unhappy relationship. My advice to her, and all of my other friends in similar circumstances has normally been 'just get out of it'. For some reason I'm always told that its never as easy as that. But as I said - I'm not here to sit in judgement of any of my friends. I never will be - my friends have always had my support - thru all their triumphs as well as the screw ups, and that will never change.

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