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Friday, January 06, 2006

Farewell to Nova Scotia...

Well tonight I begin my journey back to England and my family there. It's been a fantastic visit and I will be sad to go. I've done so much and gotten to spend great quality time with loved ones while here at home. Some of you - not enough , some of you - more than others, but still not enough. However, I have this summer to look forward to because I will be back, this time avec my family. I cannot wait for that. But before then its back to living my life in England and sticking to my New Year's Resolutions. (Which are not so unrealistic as to become impossible to uphold). I'm a bit fearful that my husband may not recognize the much plumper woman who walks through arrivals in her haste to greet him. Here's crossing my chubby fingers! Not stressing though, I enjoyed the numerous calorie filled sessions that brought me to this point and by the summer I will again be back to my normal size and as it will be a vacation full of fun packed activities I will hopefully not have the same problem upon my return to England.

Anyway, I am straying off point as usual. I have a few last visits to make this morning before coming back to finish my prep for tonight's flight. I will be posting pictures from this trip once I get settled in again. It has been an absolute treat.

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