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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


For years I have been ahead of most of my friends/family when it comes to wine, white wine anyway. My Scottish friend Val and I have been inhaling bottles of it for over three years now, but I remember drinking my first full bottle of wine at the ripe old age of 16. Most of my friends wouldn't drink it unless it was overly sweet i.e. Boones, which we all know isn't real wine anyway. In recent years a few of my closer friends and family i.e. Tawny and Dawn, have taken up drinking wine and are actually becoming quite knowledgeable about it. Dawn even has a Rabbit, the most fantastic invention since the invention of wine itself, and I'm really coveting one for myself (hint to Dawn - if you see one mate, could you possibly pick it up for me and I will reimburse you upon your arrival in this great land).

Anyway, what I initially began this post for, was to say that I have finally, finally come across a red wine that I not only LOVE, but one that doesn't give me a migraine. At Christmas, Tawny had a lovely bottle of red that we opened on Christmas Eve. After one glass I had a throbbing headache and could sadly drink no more unless I wanted to hibernate in the bedroom all night in complete darkness with a bag of ice held to my forehead. This Kumala that I have discovered through my good friend Beryl, is the best tasting red I've ever given my taste buds the pleasure of experiencing. I now finally feel I can be part of the red wino group, even if only part time.

Note to self: Begin building up my immunity to wine once again so that I'm not completely pissed after only one bottle.

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