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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

Last night Stacy, Christina and I headed downtown for some East Side's and whatever would follow next. We headed to the casino, which was crazy busy and the highlight of the night were the girls walking around dressed up like Vegas Show Girls, which was something new to witness. We couldn't find Dawn and left around 11:10 to find somewhere to ring in the new year. Pogue's was only taking ticket holders so at approximately 11:50 we made it to the Grand Parade to partake in the festivities there. Stace's friend Catherine and her boyfriend were there and we found them easily enough via cell phone contact. It was the first time I was in the Parade Square for New Year's and it was actually quite fun - I thought the music was great and was very disappointed to find out I had missed JP Cormier. We didn't have the proper clothing on but we didn't feel the cold as 2006 was rang in to a chorus of music, dancing and fire works.

After the fireworks ended we headed out to find a pub for a New Year's drink and ended up in Maxwell's Plum, which was very nostalgic for me as it was the pub that Andy and I spent hours chatting in, getting to know each other, way back in 2002! I was with my sister and good friends enjoying a laugh in person, however because we were in Maxwell's, I had my husband there with me in spirit and heart!

The drive home was funny (I was sober) as Tawny kept ringing (she wasn't!). It made us miss her even more and wish she could have been with us, but it was great knowing that we were all enjoying ourselves, and hey, here's to a great New Year for us all!

Dawn, sorry we didn't get to hook up buddy, but I know you probably had a smashing time and I'll get to see you a few more times this week before heading out on Friday!

The only disappointing factor of this weekend is that Wayne was supposed to have been with us and has had to undergo more surgery. My heart goes out to him and his family and I'm hoping with all of it that this is a much better year for him, for all of us!

My love to all of you. Thanks for being such supportive readers in 2005 - here's to another great year of posting!

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