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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Her Father's Daughter

A night with her friends... Prom 2006

Alex let me know this evening just before six o'clock that Tasha had told him where she was going to be meeting up with her friends tonight before heading to the venue where prom was being held, just in case we wanted to see her in her dress. We did. So we picked up Wendy and raced down to the church but had missed her by minutes.

We then decided to drive out to the place where her prom was being held, where there were lots of other families happily awaiting the arrival of the limousines, buses, and even the horse and carriage arriving with the prom goers. Tasha and her mates pulled up on the (outside) top deck of a double decker bus and I was happy to have taken at least a few pictures to show her father. They aren't the best shots, but at least her dad will get to see what she looked like on the night of her school prom.

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