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Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Last night I firmed up the final details with Tim, from Mercy River. On August 2nd and 3rd we will be sleeping in one of these:

I can't begin to express how much I am looking forward to going back to the most peaceful place on earth. To think that Andy is finally going to get to experience what this place 'feels' like, is almost as exciting as the place itself.

It's been a difficult month, as I have previously mentioned and it is with every passing day that I become more eager to get back home, back where the living is easy and where all the hassle will be left far behind. It's not only me that needs this break but Andy, and more importantly Alex. I believe this trip is going to be just the medicine this family needs. To show our boys my home is truly something I am looking forward to more than anything.

Just the other day I received confirmation that Tawny will be joining us for an extra long weekend, something that made me smile - an extra bonus. On her blog she mentions all the great things we will get to do, and I can't wait. I think we will will also need to have a little 'topple' down at Pogue's before finishing the night off with Venus Pizza. Any takers?

It's all in the presentation

Saturday morning found us in a major dispute with the woman next door. Now for the past year or so, I have kept her at a distance, only exchanging pleasantries, as things had become difficult last year while Alex was living with us. Her son and Alex just don't get along and as it was stressing Julie to the max, she ended up screaming an awful lot. This I can't take. So to save our tenuous friendship, I decided to keep my distance and just chat across the garden fence.

Saturday morning she came out and informed Andy that we need to start being 'responsible' dog owners and picking up after Molly's mess, straightaway. This ultimately got Andy's back up because if we are anything, its responsible when it comes to Molly. It was getting heated so I was called out and tried to calm it down a bit. I agreed that it is disgusting and we do try to pick it up as soon as possible. She was disagreeing with everything we said, besides she hates dogs. I will admit that over the winter months it would gather up a bit, and was gross, but not left for days as she was saying. Since the warmer weather has come I've picked it up every morning and evening - whenever I notice it, cause who wants to sit out in a shitty garden? Our kids play out there, we cook out there and I sun out there all the time. Would I really lay out in that? Not to mention the flies it attracts - gross, I know. The bottom line is, I can understand how she feels about seeing it - no one wants to see it, but sometimes you don't notice straight away, our back door is open all day and Molly comes and goes.

All she had to do was politely ask if we would mind cleaning up after her straightaway, instead of insulting us and making us feel as if we are dirty people. Andy was well pissed - we have done a lot for this woman in the past i.e. sort out her electrics, help her install her washer, remove a fridge, etc.

And isn't it ironic, but just last week we were trying to impress upon Connor the importance of picking up after his dog (Jane went and got them a dog two weeks after Alex left - don't ask). Apparently Alex says they don't take poo bags with them while walking it, and no one wants to pick it up out of the garden.

You just can't win for losing.

What the double F?

Saturday morning after all the stress, I took myself off out with Beryl. We ended up doing a little bit of 'Retail Therapy'. We went in to a little shop called 'Pretty Woman' as I was looking to have a proper bra fitting, in the hope of buying a much needed, well fitting bra. I'd had a fitting back at Christmas from La Senza, and wasn't surprised to find that I measured at a 38DD, a size I'd been wearing for years. Lately though, I've been thinking that this just doesn't seem right. I watched an episode of Oprah where they said most women are wearing the wrong size, and pointed out the right style bra for various sizes. And the big sizes aren't all cumbersome and ugly as in years past.

So off we went into Pretty Woman where the fitting was much more professional and 'real'. Was I wrong about my size? Yes. What made me happy is that instead of being a bulky 38 width I am a 34. Trouble is, my cup size is FF. What the hell? I didn't even know there was such a thing. So here I am, a 34FF. After dropping a lot of money on this one bra I liked the way I looked in, I took myself off home. To say that my husband is well pleased with the result is an understatement. It just makes me think that my more endowed sisters might need to take a trip to a lingerie shop ;) Sexy

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