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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Spoiled? Well Maybe

On Saturday morning Andy and I took the boys shopping uptown to purchase the necessary clothing for our impending holiday. (Did I mention our holiday this year just happens to be Nova Scotia?) After finding them the required swimming wear, footwear, etc., we ended up browsing around as I was looking for some comfy flipflops for myself to take home.

Andy ended up buying me a pair of dressier black leather shoes for work, a pair of New Balance trainers that were so on sale it wasn't avoidable (even though I don't need new trainers) and a pair of sandals to wear with summer pants/skirts. It was when I went in Brantano that I decided I should probably by myself the next pair of shoes I found - a lovely pair of leather black flip flops that are dressy enough for work. All in all I felt very spoiled. I will say that I told Andy to put the trainers away for me for Christmas (he wasn't bothered either way) but I figured three pairs in one day was enough. Granted I won't be wearing the black patent leather flats until Autumn, but if I'd waited till then I would have paid full whack and when there is a sale on at Clark's you just have to take advantage.

Of course the quest for casual flops is still on - if I don't win my bid on Ebay for Rocket Dogs, I will just pick up a cheap pair along the way. I really can't complain.

Ah, the sweet smell of village living

Last night Alex, Andy and I were continuously sussing each other out to determine who had let the stinker off. Although it didn't quite smell like normal gas, it was an unpleasant scent and we are always quick to lay the blame on each other. Naturally, Molly was taking the majority of blame. When the smell continued on through the evening, Alex finally realized what it was:

We live in a village surrounded by farms. Every year at this time the farmers spread their fields with a coating of manure. Temperatures have been in the mid-to-high 20's.

Enough said.

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