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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Something I have thus far neglected to tell you

The past couple of weeks have been a bit more hectic for me than usual. The reason behind this is primarily due to the fact that I have started a new job. A new job that I love for so many varying reasons. My boss is great and I have a load of perks i.e. choosing my own hours, great co-workers, freedom to organize the office as I see fit, and one of my favourites: the use of a personal laptop, which I am happily typing on at this moment.

I'm still holding on to my part-time job at the clinic but I'm not sure how long this will last, it will depend on how a few things pan out. This new position is definitely more my speed, and as its still working for the hospital trust I can manage to hold both for the time being. I'm just having a bit of difficulty at the moment as there just aren't enough hours in the day. The new position is much more involved and takes up more time than the one at the other clinic. If I could switch the hours around I'd be better off. I'm not quite working full-time, and I certainly don't want to, but I could easily see myself falling into it with this new position, as I actually enjoy everything about it. The team I'm working with are proving fun and easygoing so far and my boss is one of the most laid back and generous people I have come across in the field. The team provides a great service to the community via an outreach program for drug/alcohol users and their families, something I find beneficial as well as very interesting. It is the plan that I will eventually job shadow the support outreach workers to get a better scope and understanding of their role and I am very excited about this.

I've been holding out for a new job for quite a long time now and can't believe my good fortune in landing this position, especially since I didn't even go looking for it, they found me. Sometimes my good luck amazes me, but I feel grateful and don't take it for granted, because it balances out the not so great luck that occasionally sticks to my heels like dog shit on the bottom of my shoe.

I sort of lost my way there for a bit, and as a result my blogging has taken a downward slide, something I'm hoping to amend. I miss musing about the silly little bits in life and feel as if I lose contact with so many of you when I'm not around, even though I'm constantly visiting your pages to make sure everything is well. I honestly love this method of sneaking peeks into each others lives.

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