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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Movie Date

He said "I really think your gonna enjoy this film"

She said "Oh yeah? Even though I don't really know much about football?"

He said "Yup, even though, cause there are gonna be lots of men with fit bodies in it"

She said "You know, you might just be right".

Tonight I had the pleasure of hanging out with Connor, just the two of us. Alex is away spending the week in Chester with his dad due to half term.

Connor still wanted to come spend the night with me despite this and because of it, I wanted to ensure he had a good time. Its not often I get to spend time alone with him and as he is such a great kid with a lot of interesting things to say, I was looking forward to it.

I offered him the rare treat of McDonald's for supper, and to my delight was pleasantly surprised when he said he'd prefer to stay in. His exact words were 'I'd rather stay in, I like your cooking'. So when I told him I'd grill him a hamburger he smiled and informed me that I make great hamburgers. (Which I do, if I say so myself.)

He then picked out the late movie we would go see (Goal II: Living the Dream)and even if it wasn't the most gripping storyline I've seen, it was enjoyable, especially when I listened to his running commentary throughout. (Hey, this night was about him, and the theatre was practically empty).

Tomorrow morning, before I take him back at lunchtime, and weather pending, we will take Molly out for a long walk. Maybe on the beach. I honestly can't tell you who would enjoy that more, him, me or the dog.

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