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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Give me more...

There is a documentary on TV at the moment called To Fat to Toddle; a professor is launching a fat camp for under fives. Call me an ass, but I think its a pretty sad state of affairs when a child under five needs fat camp. What is the world coming to? If children have never eaten it, they don't miss it. There is plenty of time to be introducing our children to sugars and high fat, over processed foods *cough* like McDonalds.

When I was a kid, those things were a treat. And yeah, yeah, I know with some people its the old metabolism dragon, but generally that is just an excuse.

But I do have understanding and empathy for this:

I was doing a step class on Friday morning and in between thinking what a rocking class it was, and how much I can't wait for Dawn to join me at the gym, to wondering when I was going to get a chance for a drink before I died, I took a few seconds to glance around and saw a woman wearing a very different pair of leggings... they were black, with a white patch on the bum. It wasn't until we were changing direction that I noticed she had a white patch on the front too. It took me maybe another half second to realize she had her leggings on inside out. Just call me slow. I then didn't know whether to laugh or be horrified for her. I suppose it was a combination of both as I chuckled and wondered when it was that she had noticed they were inside out, because it couldn't possibly have been before the start of class, and she still continued to work out! That was one lady who put her step class above vanity. Go woman go.

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