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Monday, May 12, 2008

Any excuse to cut out early...

So... today, as Max and I were sitting in our office doing anything but the heap of work in front of us, my phone rang. I happily picked it up as I saw it was Alex calling and not some boring vendor or even worse, a client.

My joy soon turned to angst as Alex was quick to inform me that our Molly had been sick with the runs. All over our kitchen floor. Our CARPETED kitchen floor (don't ask - we rent and would never be ridiculous enough to lay carpet in the kitchen, or better yet, bathroom). I was trying to coax him into cleaning it up, while he was saying he couldn't manage it (but really just didn't want to and who could blame him?), when Maxine suggested I get off home... you know since we were both so busy not getting anything done it wouldn't make that much of a difference. I was quick to concur since there was only an hour or so left till quitting time anyway.

I hopped on my bike and enjoyed the journey home in the fresh air, wondering what kind of nightmare awaited me at home.

It wasn't too bad, not quite the story Alex had woven, but then again, it wasn't too good. A good 20 minutes and a stiff arm later, I'd finally had the kitchen looking and smelling much more like it's meant to. Alex was a little surprised when he came in and all was as it should be, but I think it was more relief that our kitchen no longer smelt like an outhouse.

Tonight, while we were out on the field, and Molly was being a good girl and listening to me, and her mate Abby was being her usual stubborn assed self, I told Elaine about our kitchen situation. Her response was that I should have called. I responded with 'Like I'm really gonna call my friend and ask her to go clean up that kind of a mess'. She said she wouldn't mind, its not like she doesn't have a dog of her own, and that if it saves me from having to leave work, even work that I'm avoiding, then she's happy to help.

Let me tell you - she might not be the easiest gal in the world to figure out, but she sure is up there in the 'that's some mate' category.

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