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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Copied off BehindzBeyond because I've nothing else to say...

I too am gonna fancy myself a celebrity for a minute. Just for the hell of it! These are questions James Lipton asks on Inside The Actor's Studio:

1)What's your favorite word?

2)What is your least favorite word

3)What turns you on?
A great smelling cologne

4)What turns you off?

5)What sound/noise do you love
A child's laughter

6)What sound/noise do you hate?
Loud piercing house alarms

7)What is your favorite curse word

8)What profession would you like to attempt?

9)What profession would you not like to attempt
Door-to-Door Sales

10)If Heaven exists,what would you like God to say to you upon your arrival?
Well done :)

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