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Friday, February 06, 2009

Little Pink Shoe

When a few days, or especially weeks pass, without me posting whatever passes for interesting or perhaps menial to some, my husband queries me on when I might be posting again.

My reply is often a cryptic 'when I have something blogworthy to say'. This can vary from week to week. Often I think 'I really need to blog this' but more times than not, especially since my laptop went on the fritz, I can't be bothered. I used to like sitting comfy on the couch, with the tv on in the background, while I blogged about whatever I might be feeling, more often than not, something trivial. These days, I'm not online so much as I have to drag myself upstairs to sit in front of a laptop that can't be moved because the top half is hanging precariously on to the keyboard, or better yet, the letter O is permanently jammed; if its not sticking, then its practically being flung off the console. But I choose to be persistent. At least tonight.

Today was a great day. A great day in the terms that I didn't have to go to work, got to see a number of friends, walk Molly twice and well, basically get through the day without mishap. Despite having such a great day, I did start to feel slightly melancholy. This is probably due in part to the fact that I still haven't quite adjusted to Andy not coming home very Friday, even though I've found ways to fill my time. And although I was invited out, tonight I looked forward to a whole night ahead of me on my own, in complete peace and quiet. Alex is out for the night so its just Molly and me.


I went off to Tesco to buy a few groceries, and whilst up there, noticed that one of my favourite wines was on offer. This white was one that I discovered by accident, when someone brought a few bottles of it to our tree decorating party back at the beginning of December, and left them, unopened. Its called Le Maison de Charlotte and I think its fantastic. I don't know who it was that brought it to my house, but I thank you. And because there was a three for £10 sale on, they had the red on offer from the same label. Imagine my delight when I realized that they not only made the white, but a red entitled Le Maison de Michael. And if its half as good as the the white, I'm laughing all the more.

So I've sat home tonight catching up on my favourite shows such as Brothers & Sisters, enjoying a crisp, cold glass of Charlotte out of a wine glass with a little pink shoe around its stem that I've never bothered to remove after a party because I just like that little pink charm. And now I'm trying to blog on a keyboard that constantly misses out the 0 while I'm reminded of a few of my other favourite things:

I have a shirt on tonight that I wore at the weekend. It still smells like the perfume I wore when my husband took me to dinner. I love this stuff:

Something I love even more, and wish I could have near me tonight, just happens to be these three:

At least two of them are together having a good time. Its nights like these when I wish I could wrinkle my nose, or tap my pink high heels together and be zapped to where ever they are, even if for a few short hours.

But some things are worth the wait, aren't they?

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