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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Voted by our boys as their favourite holiday to date

Its been nearly three years since Andy and I took the boys to Canada to meet my family and friends (well those that hadn't yet been able to come to us).

Since then, they have continuously asked when they would get to go back out there, because they seem to love the way of life and the people, just as much as me and their dad. Connor repeatedly refers to that trip as 'the best ever'. This year, we were able to tell them that providing we found flights at a reasonable price, we would be going. And so we are. I love that we have the opportunity to bring them back home, not only because they love it, but because of the people out there who love them and can't wait to see them. So many plans are already in the works and its only March. I honestly couldn't be more joyful about this trip.

Well, maybe if we could bring Molly with us!

Here's to getting more fabulous photos like this for the memory books:

Fern and the boys (hope she's prepared for them)

The 'reflective two' - Alex and Tawny

Oh, and of course one of my most favourite places in the world - seriously:
Mersey River

Connor looks so young here! But so happy :)

Alex and Dawn

Already we are talking about the even larger group that will be at Mersey River this summer... cabins, teepees and all the canoeing and kyaking we can handle.

Added bonus - the old wood fueled hot tub with a few beers and bottles of wine thrown in for us 'adults' of course.

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