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Friday, August 14, 2009

I've looked at life from both sides now

I can hardly believe that it has been six years since my first post. Six years people. It basically coincides with my failed attempt to move to the UK! Good times I tell you.

Hard to say what direction this blog would have taken, if my life hadn't gone in the direction it did.

As I sit here reflecting on years gone past, on posts that I've written, some published, some not, I have to wonder - what has happened to everyone?

Is the blog going to go the direction of so many other fads? Most of my blogger buddies seem to only post very sporadically, and often I am lucky if I manage to see a video link, or photos. Now don't get me wrong, I like these types of posts, especially the ones that include photos but its sometimes nice to open a blog and actually see they've written something . I know I'm one to talk, and often my only excuse it that I don't really feel like I have anything to say. Which is bullshit really - we can all come up with something if we put just a little bit of effort into it.

I was chatting with my sister about all this the other day and she actually mentioned that she is considering giving up her blog in favour of starting another. My first thought was 'No! you can't give it up - you are the original blogger out of our crew, you can't!' then I thought about all the other blogs she has initiated and can't understand why she wouldn't just begin a new one whilst still keeping on her original blog. I understand where she is coming from but I stil protest!

Am I wrong to care this much about who is continuing to post? It's just a forum after all. But I do care. I love our little community and wish that we all spent a little more time 'maintaining it'. Especially where we are all in various parts of the world and its a great way to stay connected.

Now here I sit, six years on, with not a whole lot to say other than this:

Here's to six more years! I don't like the name of this blog, its unoriginality is quite banal, (even if reflective of my existence some days) however I'm not giving it up to begin another for the sake of a name change.

So Happy Anniversary to me and my verbal bullshit.

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