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Friday, August 07, 2009

My friend Alex Keith and everything in between

In the wee hours of the 18th August, while the dawn is only considering showing its face, Andy and I will pack the two boys and all of our luggage into the SUV to begin the drive to Gatwick Airport (my very favourite, have I ever said?) to board a plane that will take us to Nova Scotia - to my family and friends.

We are all counting down the days and by this time next week we will be in holiday mode... (Connor has been blowing on about this trip for weeks now). Nobody is really talking about much other than the lake, the beaches, the food, the drink, the city and especially spending time with our family and friends.

However, Connor and I are in continuous conversation about somewhere that I consider to be one of the most fantastic places on God's green earth, a place where I have always felt complete peace and serenity. A place where my mind is always at ease and my heart feels like it has truly come home:

Mersey River

And it makes my heart sing that our blonde, rambunctious Con loves it so.

I only hope the old wood hottub is back in order so our stoker can fire it up for the night :)

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