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Saturday, February 13, 2010


Today, my father-in-law Dave turns 69.  I wish him the very best on his birthday.  Its also Mom2's birthday, but you never say a lady's age - so Happy Birthday Sheila ;)   But today isn't going to be just thier day any longer; my sister has been in labour for quite awhile now and I'm certain today is the day she and Taylor will hold their baby girl in their arms.  Thus making it not only Dave's and Sheila's birthday, but baby Clara's as well. 

(Funnily enough Wendy, my mom-in-law shares a birthday with my younger brother John)

The other evening, when we knew that Tawny was going to be giving birth shortly (although its taken much longer than any of us had hoped), Mom started recording how much everyone thought the baby was going to weigh in at.   Tawny would have screamed if she'd heard Alex say a whopping 11 lbs before he saw the look on my face and amended it to '9lbs'.  So far he is guessing the heaviest weight.  Most of us are giving a reasonable 7.10 (me) or 8.2 (mom).  As they were walking out the door I heard Alex ask his dad what he would get if he won the bet.  Andy's reply:  'A cousin, now get in the car'.  (I'm still grinning.)

When Connor found out Tawny was due to have the baby at any time he immediately asked if she was going to refer to him as her cousin. I answered in the affirmative, because the baby will be a lovely little cousin for the boys.  Connor expressed his pleasure at having a girl cousin and then commented 'even if I have to wait two years to meet her.  It will only be two years right?' 

Even if I don't have a child of my very own, I'm so proud that we can give the baby two big cousins who will love and look out for her.

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