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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Andy asked me a question the other night in relation to some paper work he needs to fill in. The question was in regard to where my mother was born and was an easy one to answer: Burin, NF. He then emailed me yesterday to ask me what town my dad was born in. The best I could come up with was his house, somewhere in Alberta. Why this information is missing from memory is bugging me. Did I ever even know? Please tell me I’ve just forgotten. It’s not that big of deal but it has me wondering, do most of you know the exact place where you parents were born? Both parents and not counting if they were both born and raised in the same town as you – that’s too easy.

I can tell you how many brothers and sisters each of my parents have, their names, and the names of any children they have, and trust me, between them both, that’s a lot of extended family to remember. Of course I have to stop and really think about it on my dad’s side because I've never met most of them. When it comes to mom’s side of the family, I can even name the great-grandchildren of my Nanny, Clara because we all stay in touch and see each other pretty regularly (or at least when I get back to Nova Scotia).

Which now brings me to this: It had been about five years since the last of Nan’s great-grandchildren were born; the last being our little cousin Carter, who sadly died the same year he was born (yet we know he’s safe in Nan’s loving care); and the wickedly wonderful twosome better known as Brendan and Lucas – cousin Wayne’s twin hurricanes. The twins have just turned six years old:

Lucas & Brendan
(I can't get enough of these two when I go home)

Five years later, (in July of 2009), our beautiful cousin Tracy gave birth to a lovely little boy she called Nolan, who I had the pleasure of briefly meeting on a visit home when he was only a few weeks old.  I only wish I'd gotten to seem him more: 

Nolan at approximately 1 month old

As many of you are aware, Sunday is the due date for my sister’s baby. The first grandchild for my mom and dad (of course they look at Alex and Connor as their grand-sons, however this is the first grand-baby for them). And what makes it even more special is that Tawny and Taylor are having a girl. A girl whom they will name after the matriarch of our family, our Nanny, Clara. Although Nanny had loads of grand-daughters, it’s been quite awhile since a little girl was born into our family (Nanny only has two other great-granddaughters) and everyone is looking forward to meeting her. I know I sure am and I can’t help but wonder if by this time next week she will have made her appearance.
Every night and every morn some to misery are born; Every morn and every night some are born to sweet delight, some are born to endless night - William Blake

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