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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Blackpool, your turn is coming

Last Friday I woke up and breathed a sigh of relief that I had the whole day off - a whole day to enjoy most of the things I did when I had Fridays off prior to full-time; so before getting ready to hit the road with Andy to where ever it was we were going for my surprise birthday present I did the following:  Enjoyed a coffee whilst watching one hour of tv before I did a little housework and then headed to the gym, where I met Beryl first for a coffee, then worked out while she was having a few treatments at the salon.  We both felt so good after that we had a healthy lunch together before I went home to have a bath and get ready for my evening out.

It didn't take me long to realize we were heading toward Sheffield.  I really had no idea what the night ahead held for me, but I had been thinking along the lines of either a show, such as Dirty Dancing, or a concert; With it being Sheffield I was leaning toward the concert. 

Andy and I got checked into our hotel, changed and headed out;  Walking toward the tram stop I asked if he would now tell me what the score was so I could start to get a little more excited.  He made the silly mistake of telling me we were going to see Paulo Nutini, because I was filled with glee at that thought, however he quickly realized his mistake and clammed up.  As we waited for the tram he passed me the tickets.  I looked at them and couldn't quite process what they were: it looked like tickets to Strictly Come Dancing, The Live Show (this is the original and British TV program that Dancing with the Stars was copied from).  I didn't know what to think at first, because I still had Paulo on my mind, but as we chatted about who was going to dance etc, my excitement started to build.  Although I do enjoy watching the program, it means a little bit more when I see the actual professional dancers, as I have been fortunate enough to see quite a few dance live before at the Wintergardens here in town (before they pulled it down).   

I was curious to see how they were going to set things up in an Arena, and was pleasantly surprised at the whole set - it was almost identical to that of the show despite not being in a ballroom.

The whole show was amazing.  Of course my favourite dances were the Latin and Charlston.  I cannot tell you how I would love to learn the Charleston and wear the fab dresses worn in that era.  

After the show Andy and I went for Mexican food and didn't waste any time feasting on nachos, fajitas and burritos with a lot of quacamole and re-fried beans on the side.  After a few Corona's and Margherita's I was ready to bust, so much so that I didn't eat anything the next morning while we were out spending  my birthday dosh.

It was a great evening out, something different and new and I love my husband for taking the time to treat me to a night out at an event a lot of men wouldn't be dragged to;  But then again my guy isn't most men and besides, he wasn't complaining since most of the women were wearing next to nothing.

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