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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Indulge Me (with a meme)

I was tagged to do a meme by Lyndsay over at No Invitation Required
She had to tag five people to answer five questions; in turn I'm to answer these questions then come up with five new questions for an additional five people of my choice.  Hopefully they will want to play :) 

Here are my answers to the questions Lyndsay set for me:

1. Favorite age you have been so far? Probably 31/32. It was at this time that I spent the summer at home with my mom and my sisters getting ready for my wedding to Andy in October… the wedding itself was so enjoyable, really relaxing with just the really important people there with us, and of course it was soon after this that we visited Greece for the first time and then of course we got our beautiful puppy Molly. I have really great memories from that point in my life. I definitely have enjoyed being in my 30’s much more so than my 20’s – I know myself so much better now.

2. If you could be fluent in any other language, what would it be? This is where I should probably say French or Spanish as it would make the most sense, however I would really like to speak Greek. Andy and I both have a love of Greece and it’s a language that we both try and communicate in when we spend time there. Also we are both certain we will spend a lot more time there in our future so it would be beneficial to speak the language.

3. If you could have something right now, anything, what would it be? I think most of you know the answer to that, but its unrealistic so lets move on: In smaller terms egg rolls from back home - yummy; in bigger terms a hot tub in our secret garden, but I would settle for that Tiffany bracelet I have my eyes on (whoever said I don’t want much???)

4. What is one aisle you always have to walk down when you go to Walmart? Well considering we don’t have a Wally World here in the UK, I always head for the cosmetics aisle when I get back to Nova Scotia as I love the abundance of choice in the lipsticks I like to wear (closely followed by the deodorant aisle to stock up there as well) .

5. What is one thing your spouse/partner does that drives you crazy (don’t worry, we won’t tell:)? . I can’t really find a lot to complain about because he is so good about helping around the house, and many of the things that he used to do that drove me nuts, he's got sorted, however I wish he would stop turning the heat on and then opening the windows

So, now its my turn to ask five questions, and the people I'm tagging are:  Stacy, Tawny, Dawn, Jeff and

1. Do you prefer watching movies or reading books?
2. What is the earliest memory you have?
3. What is your most favourite alcoholic drink of all time (if you had to chose just one)?
4. What do you think the best television series you've ever seen is?
5. What do you like the best about where you live? (I've copied this one, but I like it :)


Anonymous said...

It makes me happy to hear that you're loving your 30s. I recently turned 30 and it hit me hard. Though I have a wonderful boyfriend of 6+ years, I thought I'd be married with kids. Now that I'm a little ways in I'm starting to realize how silly that sounds and just try to live in the present. :)

Fern Wimpley said...

FYI, I am getting to this.