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Monday, October 25, 2010

Dreams that you dare

I might have mentioned (actually, I know I did) that Andy and I celebrated our 6th Anniversary while we were in Ontario.   Although we weren't in Nova Scotia where we got married, it was really special to spend the long weekend with the four people who had travelled from Ontario to be with us at our wedding:  My sister and her husband, and Darla and Glen. 

We did however spend a night and day in the city of Toronto on our own later that week.  We took the bus in on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and checked in at the Marriott.  We had plans to spend the early part of the evening with my sister Sandra and then go for a late evening meal on our own, before heading back to hotel to reflect and think about the past six years...ok seriously, we were going to get it on.  Its only been six years, not sixty. 

Andy took a couple of really great shots on our day out:

I love this picture that Andy took of the municipal buildings (?)

On the way to meet up with Sandra, Andy said he needed to make a stop on Bloor Street, namely at Tiffany's.  I've only ever window shopped on line at Tiffany's but certainly knew what I liked (however I was thinking about my 40th or maybe our ten year anniversary).  I only hesitated a full 3 seconds tho when Andy told me to try the bracelet on.  I walked back onto the street only slightly ecstatic while my husband was smiling at the thought of how happy I was going to make him later that night...

Happy Girl

We got up the next morning and enjoyed the most amazing breakfast I have ever experienced in a hotel setting before hitting the streets of Toronto.  We walked everywhere on that gorgeous, sunny day only stopping for a Second Cup Vanilla Bean Latte in the morning (I so wish we had Second Cup in the UK) and a rest by the water front for a quick beer as we watched the planes land on Toronto Island (we were too full from breakfast to eat anything). 

It was agreed that we would catch the 3:30 bus back to the suburbs so that we could spend some time with Clara before all the adults went out for some eats at Milestones.  The perfect end to the day was when Tawny and I were getting dressed up in her room, swapping clothes and deciding on shoes... its times like those when I miss my sisters the most (although believe it or not, this time there was no permanent exchange, however tempting it was).
A little rest down by the waterfront;  I love the Fall colours...

A gorgeous view :)

I was a very lucky girl on that holiday, for many reasons and it was wonderful to share it with my fella, a truly great guy, one who knows how lucky he is to be married to me :) Honestly though, it has been a whirlwind six years, full of craziness and love and I sincerely hope that in sixty years we are side by side in our rocking chairs reminiscing about times gone by, memories of a lifetime that we are already making.


Fern Wimpley said...

Love the photos, sister!
No permanent exchange? That is absolutely mind blowing!

Laraf123 said...

Great photos and a great guy to share the times with. A perfect vacation! (I'm a little jealous!)

Demeter said...

Beautiful photos Jody, you were so close to me in Toronto. I hope you had a fabulous vacation! You look great!

dawn mclaughlin said...

Cheers to that!