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Saturday, October 16, 2010

This week has just gobbled the days up...

Well here we are on our last night in the lovely province of Ontario.  We can't complain about much of anything really as life has been good to us during our stay.  The sun has been shining most days, the food has been ridiculously good (I'm tryign my hardest to ignore the weight I've put on, it will come off) and the cuddles from the babies have been wonderful. 

My heart sings when I see how much my niece loves her Uncle Shrek (a name Andy gave himself at the beginning of our visit that just seems to have stuck).  The two of them have often been found to be playing silly games and I love hearing Clara squeal with laughter at the faces he pulls. 

We had a glorious weekend in Waterloo last weekend.  The Pumpkin Patch was so pretty, lots of activities for the little ones to do and we took great advantage of the vibrant colours to do a mini-photo shoot:

Clara and her daddy

It was great when we finally saw Darla and Glen pull up in their car.  Their baby Rachel, who is 17 months old and lovely, was a little bit shy at first but it didn't take her long to get used to us.  Rachel was much more interested in the children's toys on offer than anything else:

Rachel in one of the many push cars

Tawny & Clara in the pumpkin patch

As it was nearing lunch and the babies were getting hungry we all jumped in the cars and headed to St. Jacob's, a quaint little village not far from Waterloo.  We were getting settled at our table when Taylor yelped that he'd just been stung by a wasp.  Luckily enough, he wasn't allergic and we all settled down to a noisy, talkative lunch, while Taylor cried in the corner;  not really, he took it like a man for the most part... getting stung by a wasp hurts - a lot.  I know, been there done that.

Tawny, Taylor and Clara said goodbye soon after lunch and we headed off with our friends to spend the Octoberfest weekend in Waterloo/Kitchener.  One of my favourite comments from that weekend was when Glen said to me "It's great to have one of my fun drinking buddies back again".  Glen, Andy and I gleefully sat in the warm October sun drinking beer and eating sausage dogs with sauerkraut until Darla and her friend Colleen caught up with us after Rachel's nap.

Give us a smile boys

Me & our amazing friends
Another added bonus to the long weekend was not one, but two turkey dinners.  Glen cooked all afternoon for us on Sunday and we returned home on Monday to again celebrate Thankgiving with my sister and her family.  Both meals were delicious and so worth it. 

My sister lays a beautiful table and I definitely think I'm taking tips from her for my Christmas table.
The rest of the week has gone by much too quickly;  we have had a lot of fun and I've much to tell, however the rest of our tale will have to wait until we get back to the UK.
Although it will be good to get back to our own home and see the kids, Molly and our friends, tomorrow will be a hard day because I hate the thought of having to kiss my sister and her beautiful girl goodbye until the next time we are together.


dawn mclaughlin said...

Great photos!!!!

I've been wanting to see some of your trip, and it's great to see Darla and Glen!!!!

(Mom's about to walk out the door to Bingo with your ma!)


Laraf123 said...

I'm so glad you got to take this trip. I know you've were so anxious to see your niece. I'm sure the good-byes were difficult. Thank goodness we live in this age when we can trade pictures and emails with the ones we love even if they are so many miles away. It's not the same as being there--but it definitely helps everyone stay close. You have a wonderful family--thanks for sharing!