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Friday, July 15, 2011

A Lyrical Little Country

I've only been at work two days this week - Monday and Wednesday.  I took Tuesday off as John was catching his train to London to begin his backpacking journey and I thought I'd have the afternoon off as I've been exhausted lately, with a hacking, annoying cough.  Work Wednesday was a bit of a struggle as I was constantly coughing - the more I move and talk, the more I cough.  So I decided to have today and yesterday off to rest, because I know that when I get my bronchitis, rest is best.  I will go to the doctor this afternoon just in case I need antibiotics.  I know I'm not well though when I'm not interested in long hot baths or cold crisp glasses of wine (I haven't had a glass of wine in two weeks, I seem to have gone off it at the moment, try not to be to shocked, this is a temporary situation I'm sure.

So since I am sitting at home on this beautiful day, not doing much but watching tv and reading, (in between sleeping) I thought I'd post some photos of our trip to Wales with John last week.

On Wednesday we visited Conwy, with its beautiful castle and walls that surround the town:

They don't exactly look like knights, but they are all mine ;)

 The smallest house in Britain (It costs a £1 to enter, John wasn't sure if somene really lived there)

We also stopped in at Llandudno, my other favourite Welsh town, home of the Great Orm, a little mountain we have climbed more than once....

Next time we go back to Llandudno, I'm hiking around the mountain - this road is amazing. 

On Thursday we did Snowdonia, which was breathtaking, no pun intended.  (I will post the photos over the weekend, as we have a number of fantastic shots). 

John can't believe how gorgeous Wales is and said he would never have even gone to this little British gem if we hadn't taken him; a lot of people don't realize that Wales is a country separate from England and has an astounding beauty that must not be overlooked.


Laraf123 said...

Your photos are beautiful--someday I'd love to visit that part of the world and see for ourselves. What a wonderful place to share with the gentlemen in your family.

PS. I have trouble with the word verification sometimes too. I found if I "uncheck" the "keep me signed in" box, I don't lose my comments as often. Hope this helps you :)

dawn mclaughlin said...

I'm glad you were kind enough to take me as well! (Best yogurt ever!!)