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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer, where are you?

May was a month that seemed to be full of discord and distress in our house… although it carried over into June, I worked hard to ensure it didn’t affect our lives more than it needed to, especially since my brother was visiting.

July has been a busy month, yet at the same time I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished very much. I would sum this up to the fact that I was feeling low with my chest infection, which I’m happy to report is now behind me. I went back to the gym on Saturday morning and have promised myself that I will work out at 3-4 times a week. If I don’t make it to the gym, I will take Molly out for an extra long walk, or go on a bike ride.

Andy and I have been using tennis rackets to bat a ball back and forth on the field for Molly on fine evenings – it’s great exercise for her, and not bad for me either, as I often race Molly for the ball if I miss (which I do more often than I like to admit. I won’t be making it to Wimbledon next year that’s for sure.)

I think I’m fed up because we aren’t having much of a summer here; I know most of my Canadian friends and family are (finally) experiencing a proper summer and Ontario is actually having a heat wave (nothing new there); I don’t feel sorry for those who are complaining, as I would love to feel some good, proper heat. When it gets too hot here (a very rare event), I don’t have a beautiful beach like Crystal Crescent to go to,
but what we have is good enough.  At the moment it's sunny and about a comfortable 20c but that will probably change in 30 minutes.

(I can only day dream of this place until next summer)

I haven’t been trying out very many new recipes lately as I’m trying not to overeat. Last night, after working out I did make a summer strawberry and almond crumble for Andy. My plan was to not have any at all, but then how can I deny myself a wee taste of something that I have made? So I did. And it was scrumptious if I say so myself. I only had a small bowl and wasn’t too hard on myself regarding the extra calorie intake as I haven’t had a glass (or bottle) of wine since the 3rd July. That’s 24 days. 24 Days... I don’t know why I’ve gone off wine. Not a bad thing I guess, as I was drinking too much of it. I’m sure most of you are aware of this, but for those of you who aren’t, wine has a lot of calories. Calories I don’t need.

In other exciting news, I’m now sleeping a bit better as I have finally booked myself an appointment with a  dentist. I have been a bit picky since moving to England in relation to finding a dentist – the few I have seen have suggested pulling a tooth rather than fixing it (not the answer) and as the dentist my husband and his children go to is definitely not up to my standard, I had been opting to visit the dentist on my trips back to Nova Scotia. However I haven’t seen that dentist in forever (I’m not telling you how long it’s been because of the shame) and I’ve decided that not seeing a dentist at all is worse than seeing a mediocre one. After looking around I have found a reputable, good dentist and have an appointment in a few weeks; And I will try my damnedest to not compare. I know they likely won’t have a hygienist clean my teeth and definitely won’t have a TV in the ceiling (mine back home didn't either, so that's ok) but if the cleaning last’s longer than ten minutes, I will not complain.

I was also delighted to stumble across two great blogs whilst searching for something completely unrelated: Ea-pea Dave's Terra Nova and Better After

The first appeals to me because of my Canadian roots, the 2nd because I can only ever dream of accomplishing the wonderful feats that are displayed over there and I might just get a little inkling of inspiration.

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David Murray said...


My name is David Murray. I'm actually the "Dave" in EP Dave's Terra Nova. Thank you so much for your link and kind words about my blog. I've been enjoying your site as well and have book marked it for future reference. Have a lovely summer.

David Murray