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Monday, January 09, 2012

Feeling the burn

This weekend I finally got my arse back to a spin class and although it was only 45 minutes and I haven’t officially been spinning for a few months, I think I kept up quite well. I was initially annoyed that the spin instructor was still in the training process and had to keep checking his notes; never mind the fact that he didn’t even sit on his own bike once. However because he was adorable and somewhat engaging, I decided to get over it, as it needn’t adversely affect my workout. I had just been complaining about spin class to one of the more qualified trainers/class instructors at the gym on Friday during my workout. I can’t help but feel dismay with the poor calibre of spin instructors that have been at the front of class in recent months. I want someone up there is who going to be commanding, fun and full of drive. The trainer assured me that they were working on it. I’ll be curious to see what happens because I sure wouldn’t want to be paying the full rate for unqualified instructors (I pay £10 less than the newly inflated rate and will leave if they try and increase it.)

However I gave it my best on Saturday morning and loved being back in the saddle; I didn’t even mind catching glimpses of myself in the mirror, not considering that it was two weeks after the holidays and I didn’t look all that bad. (The only real issue I had was my knee and the fear that it was going to give up on me during one of the hill climbs.)

After class I wiped up my puddle of sweat (yes you heard right) zipped up my new fuchsia warm up jacket (which just happens to match my water bottle perfectly) and headed home to find out that my husband had been putting in time on the stationary bike himself. With a holiday home to Nova Scotia this summer and of course the trip early next year, Andy has decided to join me in the quest to be healthy and fit. If he can leave the bags of Malteasers alone I think he might just achieve his goal.

I’d forgotten how hard spinning can be on other parts of the body after an extended absence. Since I’ve been riding the stationary bike at home, I didn’t have the normal ‘seat’ issues after class, but I did spend the weekend feeling the after effects across my shoulders, so much that I didn’t sleep much on Saturday night. I’m lucky that I have such an indulgent husband who gave me more than one shoulder rub… it’s also an added perk owning a Jacuzzi as it sure helps with sore muscles.

I will try and log a monthly update of our achievements on this site as being publicly accountable might just be an added incentive.

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Fern Wimpley said...

You should get certified to teach spin! Your class would be fun!