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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I really need a hobby...

Last week was an awesome week.  I stuck to all my goals;  that is I made healthy food choices and worked out quite regularly.   And I felt good. Really good.  Then Sunday rolled round and I started feeling unwell so I didn't get to the gym;  Though I do think most of my health problems at the moment are mental, not physical.  Tonight I'm sorting myself out with a vigorous work out and will get back to making and eating healthy food  because for me, it's the best thing to do.  The week doesn't have to be a complete write off because I've let myself go for a few days.  I don't want to make this post into a healthy food debate or whatnot.  I just have to express that when I'm not eating right, or working out, I don't feel particularly good.  It goes hand in hand with my mental health. 

I'm fighting a number of issues that tend to bring me down, besides not taking care of myself properly. I'm probably feeling low because it's now coming up on nearly a year since I've seen my mom and sister, longer since I've seen other family members.  I don't think the weather here helps much either.  Although it's been sunny and crisp the last couple of days, I'd much prefer it if we would get hit with a big snowstorm, or the weather would turn spring like.  This middle of the road crap is frustrating - I never know how to dress when I'm walking the dog. Ultimately what brings me the lowest is when I let myself fall astray of the healthy lifestyle I'm trying to maintain. 

So I will fix this issue.  Tonight.  And stop boring you with the details.  Because when I actually see what it is I'm complaining about, I realise I need to just shut up and get on with it.  There are people out there with much harder issues to contend with. I bet some of you are rolling your eyes right now at the thought of me complaining that I really don't have enough to do besides go home, make dinner, maybe hoover, work-out, walk the dog and then the night is my own.... ok, I will get over myself already.  

I think what I need is a hobby, a hobby that doesn't involve the the gym or reading.  One that also doesn't involve taking a class (it's not always convenient to leave the house in the evening as I work full-time and can't leave Molly too often at night). I've tried jewellery making and Spanish classes in the past.  I've been thinking of learning to play guitar, but I don't think I would practice enough.  Cooking and baking? Well I love it, and it's a good pastime for sure, except I'm not the sort of baker who doesn't sample the end result, so I try to save this hobby for the weekends.  I would love to have an athletic style hobby (as that would cancel out the gym one night a week) and debated a pole dancing class (don't laugh, the benefit and physical results are amazing), yet they don't offer a class in this one-horse town. The same goes for skiing or rock-climbing.

I'm thinking I might start meal planning as a) it involves spending time doing something other than watching tv and snacking and b) will hopefully make life a bit easier.  But then I wonder what the point would be as come the end of the month, Andy is back on the road and it will be solo dinners for me and how much planning is really required for a dinner a-la one?? Of course I could make various dishes on the weekend to freeze and eat for lunch and dinner mid week so I will put it on my 'maybe' list.

Short of having Beryl teach me to knit or crochet, I really am stuck for ideas.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  This really should be the year that I stop the ridiculous self-deprecating behaviour regarding food and just get on with living.  After all, there is so much good in my life and I have so many great times to look forward to.   I really do, if I can just bear the waiting for it all to happen :)


BayGirl said...

I can relate. I am fighting to get back on track as well and trying to fill up my life in different areas. Best of luck to you :)

Fern Wimpley said...

I wish I could get beryl to teach me to knit!
Take up puzzling! If I had spare time I'd do puzzles! xo

Tawny said...

You've got a fantastic camera, take a photography course. Or a writing class. Or forget the class and just write. Write a book!

Knitting is awesome. So would learning to sew. If I had more time I'd take up doll housing - you know the kind with all the minute details.

And I think menu planning is brilliant, if you know what you're having for dinner, you can consider that when choosing your other meals or snacks. Ie I try and have salad once a day, and if what we're having for dinner doesn't work w salad, I have it for lunch.

Laraf123 said...

Photograhpy sounds great! Also, what about scrapbooking or card making?

Jody said...

Thanks for all the great suggestion guys! I will definitely look into a few of the choices :) I think what I'm most leaning toward at the moment is knitting/crocheting (I know!). Come the warmer weather I'm also going to start looking into re-furbishing furniture :)

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