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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Taking back my number

Hello Readers!

I hope you all welcomed 2012 in with lots of optimism and joy; and if not, then I hope you at least had a few drinks or retired to bed early. Either way, it’s here. Another new year; and with each new year, I often set myself a goal for losing weight. Sometimes I keep to my resolution and sometimes I don’t manage to do so well. What I do manage to do each year is to stay healthy and keep my fitness levels up and I plan to do the same this year. I’m much fitter at 38 than I was at 28.

For 2012, I had a number in my head that I’d like to see reflected on the scales, however I’m going to ignore it for the time being… I’m refusing to make it a New Year Resolution and will instead take a page (yet again) from The Curvy Girl Guide and give myself a number that is individual to me, the number that matters the most to me in 2012.(You can read about it here).

My number for myself this year is 40.

Although I’m not turning 40 until January of 2013, I have to get myself prepared for this. I want to be able to embrace 40 (notice how many times I’m throwing it out there? 40. The more I say it, the easier it should be to say in another 388 days.) So many women really embrace turning 40, some say it’s the new 20 (although you can keep 20, it was one of the worst years of my life) and as much as I want to welcome 40 with a warm, fuzzy hug, it’s not proving easy and deep down I’m really not looking forward to it.

So what I’m going to try and do is spend this year getting my head around the fact that I will be turning 40, that there is nothing that will stop it short of my dying, and I definitely don’t want to avoid it that much.

The first thing I have done to ensure that I turn 40 with a major smile on my face is to arrange to be in paradise with my husband on the big day:

Meeru Island, The Maldives (Now we just have to find a way to pay for it.)

If I can’t be with family and friends from both sides of the ocean, then I choose to be in this place. (Hell, as much as I love them all, I still choose to be in paradise for my 40th).

What booking a vacation in this amazing place will also do is (hopefully) ensure that I work a little bit harder to get myself in better condition physically. Can I dare hope that I not only turn 40, but that I’m 40, fit and fabulous?

So 40 is my number for 2012. It gives me something to work hard for in order that I reap the rewards, both physically and mentally.

I’d love it if you’d all participate… either publish your own personal number for 2012 on your own sites, or leave me a comment as to what your number is and why.


Fern Wimpley said...

I was going to comment even before you asked :)
My number this year is 24. I'd like to see myself hit 24% body fat this year. I'm hovering just above 26 now so it shouldn't be hard :) xo

Fern Wimpley said...

Or rather, it will likely be hard, but not impossible :)