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Monday, February 20, 2012

Tickets, TRX and a potential Walker... (and no I'm not on meds)

Last Thursday I finished up my work in good time and because I was feeling tired and lacklustre, decided to take the afternoon off.  Not to mention that I needed to buy a few birthday presents.  I arranged to meet Andy in town for a coffee and because I was running late I didn't double check my car parking receipt (I'd paid the £2.50 fee for two hours but the machine obviously didn't swallow my 50p) so I came back an hour late to find a parking ticket for £50 on my windscreen.  The so called silver lining?  If I pay it within 14 days the fee is halved.  That little trip to purchase a few items cost me more than I'd planned.  It was my own fault so I will just pay it and forget it.  What can you do eh? (Don't even get me started on how I think its ridiculous that you have to pay to park at the shopping centre in the first place as we aren't even a major metropolis).

After shopping I headed to the gym. As I was coming out of the bathroom stall and walking back up to the lockers, there was a tall, dark haired woman in a bathing suit ambling in front of me.  Or should I say shuffling very slowly.  The way she was walking reminded me of a walker from The Walking Dead;  The whole thing was kind of eerie as we were the only ones in the changing room.  As I passed her and ducked into a changing stall I hesitated prior to glancing at her only to see she had a regular face and smiled at me as I closed the door.  I sighed and told myself I watch way, way too much crap television.  Or it could just have been my subconscious gearing up in anticipation  for the start of the second half of Season 2 Friday night.  Perhaps I should veer away from the show Grimm before I even start?

Either way, I took myself straight into the spin room and proceeded to cycle my arse off for 45 minutes.  Nothing better than a spin class for one - I was in charge of the music and the pace; yet don't think I went easy on myself as I managed 19 miles in those 45 minutes.  I managed to get in a great work out as well on Saturday afternoon which incorporated TRX, something I've been avoiding for awhile.  My arms are still screaming at me today, but it's the type of pain I can cope with and that actually feels good in a strange kind of way.  I reckon if I can stick to a TRX routine, my arms should see better definition in a few months time (I work my legs as well, but I'm generally happy with the shape they are in). 

I don't know about you, but I always feel so much better when I incorporate exercise into my routine throughout the week. 

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Fern Wimpley said...

I love TRX and I wish I could experience the annoyance of paying to park at the shopping center with you. xo