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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Oceanic It Is

Last weekend I painted my first room. Ever.   Well when I say room, it was only the main bathroom which is only about 6ftx5ft; and when I say painted, I mean I slapped on two coats rather quickly and did the skirting boards and door. But still, it qualifies as a room. I didn't do a bad job, at least not on the walls;  Although Andy did have to re-paint one side of the bathroom door as that was (apparently) rather haphazard.  The next morning Andy had to finish the 'cutting-in' up around the ceiling as I had run out of patience and just couldn't be bothered to take the time to do it right.  I was annoyed because we didn't have the right type of brush and I was ready to move on to other things.  I'm ok when it comes to starting projects but have to really push myself to finish.  I suppose I don't need to though, not when I have a husband that will pick up where I leave off just because he's good like that. Oh, and in fairness to myself most paint really sets off my asthma and I often can't be in a house, never mind a room, that is covered with wet paint so despite a slight tightness in the chest, I think I did ok.

We have been wanting to redecorate the bathrooms since we moved in but something always got in the way of the project. We managed to get the two upstairs loo's done this weekend and it didn't come a moment too soon.

I spent a lot of time in the bathtub before the renovations. I know it's only going to get worse now that I have an aesthetically pleasing place in which to soak in the bath, drink my wine and read a book.  Oh, and make necessary phone calls :)

I wish I could show you before pictures however there was no way I was going to post a picture of a bathroom with carpets... seriously, who does that? So we finally replaced the horrid green carpet (yes, you are hearing this correctly) with new flooring and painted the cream walls a colour that is aptly named 'water'.  At first I was a bit worried that it was going to be too garish, especially when Connor and Cameron came in while I was applying the second coat and Cameron stated that it was very 'oceanic'. Yet it works, especially with the white tile:

(Not the clearest picture but I think you can get the idea)

I popped out on Saturday afternoon to buy a light fixture;  I took the photo at night for 'effect' but even in the daylight it matches brilliantly with the room and I really love it.

Eventually we are going to get to the kitchen but for now I'm just going to enjoy the calming affect of my new bathrooms as I daydream about the two holidays we have planned that will hopefully involve a lot of time spent on the beach.

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Laraf123 said...

I bet the entire room is beautiful! Even from the tiny pic, I can tell you picked a gorgeous color! Well done!