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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Olivia Cromwell

It's been kind of strange week around these parts and I will explain why in just a few sentences, however I first need to confess that I had a bad day yesterday and ate a carb overload.  My boss friend and I went out for lunch to a quaint French bistro and as there were no salads on offer, I had a gorgeous vegetable crepe. Oh and to top it off, last evening I indulged in some dark chocolate and a big old bag of Walker's French Fries.  Oops.  

Today I'm back on track and eating the way I should be: 

Trying to keep my salad and fruit choices interesting :)  

I gave myself a hard time over it last night but today I've come to my senses and realized that we all have blips every now and again. I've been so good for five weeks now and I deserved a treat; This now means no chocolate birthday cake for me this weekend when Connor is with us.  (I can't believe he turned 17 last Saturday!)

OK, I will stop boring you with talk of my weekly food choices and instead tell you something you might find a bit more interesting:  

Late Monday afternoon at work the gardener was out mowing the lawn and managed to stop the mower just before he went over this tiny girl: 

Meet Olivia (Livvy) Cromwell

Polly, a practice nurse in the building, adopted her and is now feeding her every 2-3 hours.  The vet told Polly that the kitten was no more than a week old (she still has an umbilical cord).  We figure the mama cat must have had a fright and was unable to come back for her.  The centre where we are based is called the Cromwell Centre and there are always a ton of cats in the car park.  I don't think for one minute that there would have been a shortage of adoptive mother's on hand if Polly hadn't taken her in.

And get this: 

Sunday night I noticed I had a lot of blister-like spots on my upper legs. This morning I woke up to find a ton more of these blisters all over my torso.  I'm not experiencing any other symptoms but thought I'd nip over to the GP and have Polly have a look just to see what she thought.

 And get this... it would appear that I have chicken pox.  

I had it as a small child and have experienced shingles twice as an adult, however I thought I was immune to the pox.  I thought wrong.  It's running rampant throughout the town at the moment and I've been around a lot of kids so I suppose that explains it. 

Either way, I'm not experiencing any of the side effects that go along with chicken pox so I'm only gross to look at and thankfully it's not on my arms, face or lower legs so Andy is the only one who is going to have a front row seat to the viewing of my lurgy.  

1 comment:

Laraf123 said...

Such a happy ending for that kitten--can't believe how young she was!

I'm sorry to hear of your illness--the part that shocked me most was learning that you had shingles twice. YIKES! I wonder if each time you are exposed to the virus, you get a smaller reaction and that's why the blisters are isolated to a small area.

I sure hope you are feeling much better this weekend!

PS. My wonderful daycare provider is traveling in the UK with her husband and three children. I'm sure you'll run in to the them at one point. LOL, don't you hate it when people say stuff like that?!!!