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Friday, June 14, 2013

Not 100% Convinced

Yesterday I had a lengthy discussion with my manager on whether or not I should be at work due to the 'outbreak' that was invading my skin.  However I'm not 100% convinced it IS chicken pox;  I have absolutely no other symptoms and its not spreading any further than my torso or thighs.  They are big, red and ugly but other than that I wouldn't know they were there if I didn't look. And don't worry, I'm sparing you all a photo of it - I don't want to put you off your weekend.

I won't have any client contact and will refrain from seeing Beryl or my in-law's this weekend just in case it is the pox. They are older and have a more delicate constitution.  Luckily Jayden has recently had chicken pox so his parents aren't bothered and I'm so looking forward to having our baby boy come and sleep over this evening.

Our other baby boy, Connor turned 17 last weekend.  Seventeen.  I can't believe that our curly topped, joyful little chatterbox is now almost legally an adult. Where did the last ten years go?

Because he was working away with his uncle last Saturday, we will celebrate this weekend.

A colleague at work made a cake for his daughter's birthday last week and when he showed me the photo,  and after I had a momentary flash of fear for any diabetics that might come into contact with it, I knew right away who would also appreciate such a cake - our chocolate fiend himself.  So last evening I finished it off and although to me it looks like a mountain of chocolate overload, I think he might just like it a lot.

(I think Willy Wonka would be proud)

The hardest part?  Not having a small piece myself... or at least a few of the pieces its decorated with. 

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