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Thursday, August 21, 2014


This morning the boys and Anne (Robert's sister) went off to climb at least part of the Cullin Mountain Range.I had originally planned to join them but I've stayed behind because someone needs to be with the dogs; Dawn was going to remain on her own with Grandma but because her knee is swollen I decided to stay as well and exercise the dogs. 

The mountains were calling to me, however there is something that calls to me even louder and that's the sea, in particular the beach down by the pier, just below the hill where we are staying. Sure, I'm a little bit envious that I'm not climbing, especially now we just received a text from Anne saying they have reached the summit, however a morning spent on the beach playing with the dogs has 
certainly made my heart sing. I've never stopped missing the beaches of eastern Canada and although the beaches near where I live in England are ok, they don't come close to the ones I grew up around. Here it is a different story. They not only look and feel the same but they even smell the same... If that makes sense? The islanders here are so fortunate to have both mountains and beaches at their fingertips. 

I loved the solitary time I had beachcombing with these two: 

Watching them search out crabs, swim and and playfight over the sticks I'd found was so satisfyingly serene. 

The only problem is that I've so completely fallen in love with this magical place that I really don't want to leave. 


Fern Wimpley said...

Awesome pics! Looks like you're having a lovely time! Makes my heart ache that I'm not there with you! However, me missing out is just a reason for you to return! xo

Andrea Ashlyn said...

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