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Wednesday, August 06, 2014


Monday was a bit of a rough day for me emotionally; there wasn't one particular reason for what was getting to me but rather a combination of family and work issues.  Being over-tired from lack of sleep didn't help either.  

So on Monday evening, instead of soaking in the tub with a glass of red and a good book, something I've been known to do when feeling a bit low, I decided to do something else that I utilise to relieve tension - work out. I changed into my running gear, grabbed Molly and off we went. 

It was the perfect evening for it and I can't believe how invigorating and relaxing that jaunt through the back farm fields was.  

I love watching the farmers plough the fields although Molly isn't too sure...

I have always worked out and as most of you may know, I've dabbled in running off and on throughout the years, however I've never thought of myself as a runner.  There used to be a time when I thought I could never achieve a 5k but I was wrong - because I did.  And now I manage to do it with little hardship (depending on the day of course). I keep telling myself that this is something to be proud of, an actual achievement and although I said I would never aspire to run further than 5k (I have once and it damn near killed me) because I don't have it in me, there is a little voice in my head telling me to push it up a notch. Especially since I agreed to do the Terry Fox 10k with my sister in September.  That's right.  I'm going home in September and the only way I can describe what I'm feeling about this is  relief... I'm so looking forward to going home on my own and just spending the 2.5 weeks I'm there chilling with my family and friends. No major commitments or family obligations.  It sounds perfect.  Sure, I've loved the times in recent years that I've taken Andy and my English family and friends with me but sometimes its good to be there on my own, spending quality time with Mom etc. and making up for all the months of the year I don't get to physically spend with them. I'm also sad that I won't be seeing my niece Clara this year, however my sister knows there is always an open invitation for her to come see us here in England which would be lovely - I've often envisaged introducing Clara to Daisy, Archie, Jayden and of course, Molly. I had debated travelling to Ontario this year however I had to make a call between there or home and right now, it's home that is calling to my heart the loudest. It's an added bonus that someone who wasn't supposed to be there, now is; and she's got me to agree to running a 10k. Yikes. 

So a few times a week I will be trying to put in a little more effort and maybe a mile or two more behind me. I'm not so sure I will get there by September but Molly and I will try our best; She is a great running partner but sometimes when I run with my sisters I feel just a little more motivated. So perhaps I can do this. If kidding myself continues to keep the positivity going then perhaps I might just have the last laugh.

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Laraf123 said...

What lovely photos. The light is magical--so glad you found a way to lift your spirits.

A 10k? You can do it! Keep thinking positively and enjoy your family. Sounds like a great plan for September!