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Monday, August 18, 2014

A little bit like home

On Friday morning we finished packing up the 4x4 and began our long journey north to the Isle of Skye. Andy, Connor, Molly and I are sharing our summer holiday with the Clan Gallivan.  Even Grandma Gallivan is with us; In all we total 10 people and 3 dogs. 

We are staying in comfortably rustic cabins in a place called Armadale and although the people talk with beautifully lyrical accents, and there isn't such dramatic mountain views in the distance back home, I find this place strangely reminiscent of both Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.  The beach right next to the port reminds me so much of the beach at Fox Cove I could weep. It's impossible to be here and not think of my beloved maternal Antle family, Nanny especially; yet oddly enough I am in the homeland of my father's ancestors. 

After a two day journey (we broke up the long drive by staying in the quaint and lovely town of Callendar) we spent yesterday on a long walk in the rain followed by an easy night with maybe just a glass or two of wine. Oh and being entertained by a not-so-shy red deer just outside our back patio. Andy was fortunate enough to see a stag on the evening we arrived. There is plenty of wildlife about and we are hoping to do a early morning/evening hike this week to catch sight of a few more. 

This morning we hiked Armadale Hill which is so much more than just a hill; we passed through plenty of pretty woodland before arriving at stunning moorland with amazing views. The hike was steep and plenty windy but worth every step. We finished it off with a walk down to the beach to let's the dogs rinse off in the sea. 

This afternoon, after another short walk, Dawn and I have decided to return to our cozy abodes to let the dogs sleep. The boys are down at the activity centre firing guns or throwing axes... Something incredibly manly and Braveheart related. Normally I would be right in there with them but I decided to stay with my girl while she sleeps and and I chill with a glass of wine and partake in the gorgeous view. I don't think I shall get enough of it this week. 

Dawn and Andy agree that this place is giving us a very similar feeling to a little holiday we all had with my family back in Nova Scotia, at the Farmhouse. If the boys come back with a good report I might just indulge myself when they next go. 

Tonight we are all getting together for a good old Scottish knees up; Haggis, Tatties and Neeps will be on the menu as well as homemade baked beans and burgers for those who don't want haggis. We have the sounds of Rawlins Cross and of course other Scottish musicians as our soundtrack for the night, and of course proper Scottish attire is mandatory for the night. The pictures should be priceless. 

Hopefully I will be able to post again before we leave, as we have a lot of great adventures planned for the upcoming week. Although it's brilliant to have internet access I'm not spending too much time on line. Not while there is so much to see here, and when we aren't hiking, boating or drinking I just want to switch off. 

This trip is definitely ticking all my boxes, even the intermittent rain isn't spoiling it.


Dee Dannatt said...

Great post Jodie - the place looks stunning - as do the weather clouds and colours. Glad you guys are having a good time - tip that glass to your lips for me - I shall have to walk through your posts for a few more weeks of recovery yet. Looking forward to seeing more pics next time you have the energy to post - happy holidays my friends, Dee xxx

Laraf123 said...

What a wonderful vacation. 10 people and 3 dogs--perfect! And the scenery sounds amazing! Enjoy!

Andrea Ashlyn said...

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