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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Recap of Wedding Events - Part 2 - Getting Ready

Friday Night

On Friday afternoon Andy, Ali, Scott and I decided to take the scenic route up to the Fairview Inn. Mom, Dad, Wendy, Dave and a few close family and friends were meeting us there for a bbq buffet and relaxing evening.

The four of us were enjoying the drive, when Andy noticed there was an RCMP car behind us, and yes, we were pulled over as I had feared, due to my expired registration. The officer walked over to the car and asked Andy to see his driver's license, car registration and insurance. I was busy getting out the required car details when Andy turns to me and says 'well, get out your driver's license.' I smiled and said 'Andy, you are driving, he doesn't want mine!' Despite that rocky start we managed to get out of the ticket. Let's just say the mountie let us off as our first wedding gift. Phew...

So, Friday night was pretty relaxing. The meal was good and everyone seemed pretty laid back. At one point mom and I had dashed off to Zellers to try and get a bathing suit as I had forgotten to pack one... we managed to find a very small one and after a quick chat with the check out girl, dashed back to eat. After the meal Cat and I sat outside with Mom, Wendy and Alison while we watched Dave and Dad horsing around. Dad upset the bride and groom pumpkin display at one point, but it was quickly rectified! After the parents left we went quickly back into the bar, ordered up some drinks and hit the pool and hottub. The bathing suit I'd bought didn't fit, but that didn't stop me from donning a pair of shorts and going in sans shirt... We had a lot of laughs and for awhile there Taylor was providing the 'singing' entertainment... the only unfortunate part of the evening was that the bar closed at 10, and although we stocked up before hitting the hot tub, we soon ran out of booze... (no one had thought to hit the liquor store - which was probably for the best anyway.)

Saturday Morning

Early Saturday morning we got up and went downstairs for a delicious and fufilling breakfast. Everybody was in high spirits (no hangovers due to the 10 p.m. cut offand after everyone had finished eating Taylor took Andy off for what was supposed to be my last sighting of him until the wedding ceremony.

The girls and I (Dawn, Tawny, Stacy and Shannon) headed off to town to try and find me a hairdresser. I had stubbornly refused a 10 a.m. appointment the night before as I thought it was too early, hell I wasn't getting married until 4! We hit the mall first and after not having any luck, shopped in Reitman's where Shannon bought a new outfit. For some reason the sales girls couldn't believe we were out casually shopping on my wedding day. After leaving the mall to try a few salons out across the street, who should we bump into, but Andy and Taylor - so much for hiding out in smalltown Nova Scotia.

I finally managed to get my hair curled at (if you can believe this) First Choice. It was over and done with quite quickly and only cost nine bucks. Surprisingly it actually didn't turn out too badly. Owell, beggars can't be choosers and it was better than doing it myself, which I had originally planned.

We then moved on back over to Zellers as Dawn (after buying a bottle of Newfie Screech while at the liquor Store)had decided that the English relatives needed to be screeched in at the reception that night. So off we went in search of a stuffed cod and a sou'wester. These two items ended up being a pair of big rubber boots and a small pink fish (from Cat in the Hat). Either way, they would do the job. While I was having my selection rung thru, I heard a shout from another till 'Hey what are you doing shopping here on your wedding day?' Lo and behold it was the cashier from the night before! She then proceeded to tell everyone in the vicinity how impressed she was with how relaxed a bride I was.... small town NS eh???

Getting Ready Posted by Hello

Well we got back to the Inn around 12/12:30 and I proceeded to go find Cat to collect my dress from her room. At this point the girls split to get ready and Hunter went to join the boys and Ali who were down in the pool. Cat and I proceeded to sit in my room and paint my nails... how exciting... we could hear the laughs and shouts from below and every now and then went to watch thru the window. At one point Cat decided that we needed some enjoyment of our own and took off downstairs... she promptly returned with 2 beers each! Does she now how to make me feel better or what?

Dawn showed up at one point wearing a big scary mask with an a massive amount of grey, straggly hair. She then sat in our bathroom window and waited for someone down in the pool to notice. It didn't' take long. (No one knew who it was until the next day). My friends are so - well refreshing and fun!

One last drink... Posted by Hello

Throughout the last few hours leading up to the wedding my room was often full of my friends and family (female ones of course with the exception of Gavin and Glen at a later point). I had no problems seeing my aunts and cousins and it wasn't until I was about to get dressed that I finally said no more visitors unless Roisin or Darla were to arrive. Mom made it back up around 2:30 anxious to help me dress and at that point we cracked a bottle of champagne. (Roisin and Hanna were with us by this point.)I have to say, I was still not what you'd call nervous or stressed. I was in the bathroom fixing my headpiece with Tawny when I heard someone else come in and asked Tawn who it was. Her reply? 'Some woman'. I looked around the corner and it took me a moment to realize it was Darla (Tawny had only met her once, briefly). I ran out and hugged her so hard... until that point I had not shed a tear, but seeing her there finally (we weren't sure she could make it) was such a happy relief I couldn't help it... I was getting ready to marry Andy and I was surrounded by my sisters, my mom and my very closest friends. My circle was complete.

A moment with mom... Posted by Hello

A few last pictures, a few last gulps of the champagne and we were ready to go... Mom and the others went to find their seats. My sisters were with me as Missy took me down the staircase to where my dad was waiting...

(part three to come much sooner than usual!)


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