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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Recap of Wedding Events - Part 3 - The Wedding

My sisters kissed me good-bye and went to sit with Mom and the rest of the waiting guests. My dad was standing there waiting for me and when he saw me, his first reaction startled me - he had tears in his eyes but he was smiling. A few of the gals who worked in the dining room and were there and so complimentary of me. One even said 'Your dress is the most beautiful I've ever seen, and we have a lot of weddings here' I laughed and replied that she probably said that to all the brides. She quickly assured me I was wrong. Either way, it was very sweet to hear. We were quickly introduced to the judge and then we heard the music start for our walk. My dad gripped my hand and we began our move towards the front of the building.

Andy and I had decided that the song I would walk up the path to would be 'By Your Side' by Sade. I must say, I hardly took notice of the words as dad and I made it around the front garden and began to walk up the steps. I looked around at all the smiling faces of our loved ones and then looked at Andy's beaming face. I wasn't nervous at all, I was just so happy. Everyone was taking pictures and I didn't know where to look as I had never met our photographer. I figured he must be the guy I didn't recognize, lol. One good thing about having a small ceremony.

I joined Andy on the veranda and happily grinned into his smiling face. I don't think we let each other's hands go throughout the whole thing. It was a nice ceremony and the vows were meaningful, even if they weren't our own. We'd agreed not to do our own as I didn't want to cry, something I knew my husband to be would expect and we all know me and my having to prove a point, something I probably wouldn't have been able to do if I heard Andy speak his own vows - he has a very touching and romantic way with words.

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We moved to the side porch to sign our papers and Darla and Glen joined us. It was funny to see that actual piece of paper and it was even funnier when Darla sat down to sign and poked a hole through our license! Oops. I don't think many other couples would find it funny, but then again, Andy and I aren't like most others.

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Next thing you know it was all done and we were pronounced Mr. & Mrs. Allenby. It was then time for pictures, something that went quite smoothly, although at times we couldn't find those we were looking for as they were in at the bar (surprise surprise). We were told that the hors d'oeuvres being served inside were good, which was a relief as I wasn't sure exactly what would be served. Well that's what we were paying our wedding coordinator for, after all.

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The Reception

We were so pleased when we walked into the Reception Room and saw how beautiful everything looked. Missy and her staff at the Fairview Inn had done a gorgeous job! I knew then and there that it had all been worth it. Lots of people had questioned us, and my mother, about the strange choice we were making in having red runners and an autumn theme for the dining room. I don't think anyone was questioning it when they came in and saw how beautiful everything looked. Missy had outdone herself and I was so thrilled that I hadn't had to do a thing! The cake was gorgeous and I could never thank Shannon enough for ordering it for me. It was something that I hadn't wanted in the beginning but after all was said and done, we were so pleased to have it. Not to mention how delicious it was!

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So... after mingling for a little while we made our way into the hall to see everyone seated and ready to eat. We made our way through the waiting crowd and joined mom and dad at one of the center tables. We had decided early on that there would be no head table as I don't really go in for that sort of thing. I wanted us to mingle in with everyone. This was much easier to accomplish since we didn't have a wedding party. All told, I didn't need one as my sisters and friends did a terrific job throughout the whole day.

The Roast Beef and Haddock dinner seemed to be enjoyed by most people and it was nice to make my way through the tables to see if everyone was doing ok. As usual with a wedding reception, it wasn't long before we heard the tingling of wine glasses. Andy looked at me and asked what all the noise was about. I laughed and said 'they want us to kiss.' His eyes opened wider in surprise before a big grin spread across his face. He leaned in to kiss me when we heard a shout (I believe it was Mr. Bruce Devenne) 'Stand Up'. So we did. Andy was quite pleased with this Nova Scotia tradition. It was funny afterwards to realize that none of the family from England had ever seen, nor heard, of this custom before.

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After dessert it was time for a few short words. Tawny got up to welcome everyone and send best wishes from those who could not be with us. She then began her toast to us, the bride and groom. Andy and I had done a good job of keeping the tears away until this point. Her speech was so touching and beautiful and it was made all the more special because Tawny and Taylor have experienced some of the same things that Andy and I have - mainly the long distance relationship. Let's just say, we weren't the only ones that had tears in our eyes.

After the toast, Andy and I got up to thank everyone for coming and then my dad said a few words. We didn't know this was coming, but knowing my dad, I wasn't surprised. He made a short, touchingly funny speech before giving me a sovereign he's been carrying around since long before I was born.

It was then time to go mingle around the bar and pool area prior to the dancing. We heard whoops of laughter coming from the pool area and I quickly went out to see what all the fuss was about. Floating around the pool were a couple of blow up toys - a sheep, a pair of boobs and a man and woman doll. It was unexpected and a laugh. No one knew who had put them there and it quickly spread that it must have been Cat. I believe the culprits Andy and Taylor had spread that rumor, something I didn't believe for a moment as if it had been Cat, it would have been blow up beers, not sheep and boobs! It was funny a little while later to see Tanya's two daughters swimming happily around the pool.

It was soon time for the party - I'll post about that later on...

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