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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Next week is my last week at the clinic I've been working at for the past two years. The first place I've ever been employed in England. I will be a little saddened to say goodbye to the people I work with there, but know that any friends I've made will stay just that. What I won't miss is working five half days a week. Annie has informed me that I can continue choosing the time/days I work, so long as I fulfill my 20 hours per week. And I also get to wear jeans to work if I want. Oh,and I think I might have mentioned this before: my boss stocks the fridge with diet coke. I honestly think I have struck the jackpot.

As I type this I have two tired little girls laying beside me. We've just been on the field and they bounded around after Phoebe and Abby for a good half hour. Its a lovely, sunny evening and I'm taking advantage of it, especially with it just being the three of us. Andy took Alex to Warrington with him this morning (Al is on Easter break) to 'job shadow' him for a few days. They return on Friday, and in the interim, I get a much needed break, Alex isn't forced to go to his mother's, or hang out here being bored and Andy gets to spend some time with him. Its a three-way bonus. I do however miss Andy more when he's been home for longer than usual at the weekend. I usually get him for three nights tops, then he is gone again early on Monday morning. The past four days/five nights have been really good for us. However I do know that this week is going to pass quickly and he will be home again on Friday afternoon, so I have no cause to complain. Especially since it will be a quiet weekend again.

With so many exciting events in the works i.e. travelling, the possibility of seeing friends, and Val's wonderful news, I have moved out of the low period I was going through and am now full of optimism for the upcoming summer.

So tonight, I shall take advantage of this time on my own and head to the gym shortly. I have nothing to rush home for now that the girls are suitably worn out. Its time to start taking care of me again, both physically and mentally, and what better way than working up a good sweat.

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