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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Hoppy Holidays

As I was saying to those at home, it sure doesn't seem a whole lot like Easter around these parts as folks just don't seem to get into it the same way. There is lots of drinking going on due to the long weekend, and when you throw in the massive amount of sunshine we've been having, you have to wonder why the hell not.

We haven't been doing the massive amounts of drinking, but we've been enjoying the sunshine and 18 degree weather. Today was rather windy, but I'll take that over the 20 cm of fore casted snow back in Nova Scotia. Because it was so nice, I decided not to make the three course turkey dinner I had been planning all week, and Andy took me and the boys for a carvery that was almost as good as what I would have cooked myself ;)

We've had the dogs to the beach three days running and they are wearily crashed out beside as I type away. What funny little creatures they are. I was just reading www.dooce.com and surprisingly her story about dogsitting is the exact mirror of mine. Its our little guest that cannot stop herself from crouching down in eager anticipation, awaiting that moment when Molly goes running after something. She then lunges, lips bared and teeth snapping, grabbing for Molly's back as she zigs and zags her way past Maebh. Only occasionally will she succeed. But they really do love each other. They do :) Its just so funny watching them, especially Maebh as she still has the clumsiness of a pup. Those graceful long legs are very deceiving. Today would have been a great day to have had the video with us.

Now that the pups are suitably worn out, Andy and I are going to enjoy yet another child-free night and head out to the cinema. Who knows we may even treat ourselves to a drink or two afterwards.

Happy Easter to you all, hope you are filling yourself up with chocolate and whatever feast you favour on this holiday that happens to be my favourite.

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