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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Do you wanna f**k in a boat or a car???

Last night I was talking to mom on the phone when she mentioned what a 'whiz' she is becoming in regard to the Internet. That evil Internet. Because for any of you that know my mother, you know that she has tried to deny the computer and anything related to it, especially the Internet, since its onset. She has sworn she will never be interested in something that is used for filth, luring people into porno and affairs etc. But... apparently, she has been assimilated - at 59 years young. She's realizing that it can in fact be a very useful tool and that although it can still be used for badness (like everything else - her words) it can also be used for the greater good. She was also keen to add that she will just have to ignore rude pop ups, and gave me an example (that she was laughing through):

"I was on the a web page looking up home care and this little box pops up in the bottom corner and you know what it said? 'Do you prefer to fuck in a boat or a car?' I don't understand? I don't want to do either... what's that got do with me?"

By then I was laughing so hard,I could barely respond. Whether it was a reaction of her puzzlement, or just plain shock from hearing my very clean-mouthed mother saying the F word, I'm not sure. As I mentioned previously, she was laughing a lot herself, and proceeded to tell me about the filthy comments that were coming up when she googled Dr. Phil. She informed me that she was just going to have to ignore such things if she was going to be online.

I must say, my mom might initially deny such modern conveniences like the Internet or even the microwave oven, but when she finally discovers how useful they can be, she quickly becomes the converted.

Note: This blog was composed with my mother's acknowlegement and approval :)

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