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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

New Camera

A few weeks ago I took my camera out of its case to take a photo and was crushed to see that the view screen was broken. We took it into the camera shop but to have it fixed would cost more than buying a new one. The camera was a Christmas present from Andy two years ago and I hated to just let it go, but it wasn't feasible to have it repaired. I really can't be without a camera as I like to take photos and Andy's digital vivitar he uses for work just wasn't cutting it - the delay took for ever.

So on the weekend we went out and I bought myself a new one. Its not bad at all, just a Samsung mind, but it takes nice shots without too much of a delay.

Andy has been pressing me to blog, and as I haven't a whole lot to talk about at the minute (other than the SUV getting smashed into and I don't really want to go there) so here are a few photos, one especially for my husband :)

This one is me playing at being some kind of dreamer, but a girl is allowed to do that...

And this... shhhh, listen? Who is it?

My Baby and Me

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