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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Time to Come Back

As of Friday I was officially back on line. Sure I could access my email, and read a few things on the Internet via work, but as access is so restricted, my choices were very limited. I feel like I've been out in left field as a result. That place where you can basically see what's going on, but your still not quite in the loop.

We've moved successfully and we are all completely happy and loving our new house. There have been a few 'slight' issues with the company we rent through and I've decided to take a back seat and let Andy handle the agents as I think my temper would get the better of me. This is quite a role reversal for Andy (the keeping calm bit ;), but I'm glad he's taking over, that bunch just rub me the wrong way. Although our new home is only a rental (we chose to go this route for a variety of reasons), its our home for the foreseeable future, most likely until we get back to Nova Scotia and we are going to make it just that. Four bedrooms and two reception rooms is a big bonus on the house we just moved from. Molly herself is in love with the back garden as its bigger than mostly every other garden on the estate, and although that might not sound like much, it is rather big. Not to mention its nearly next door to the playing field she loves to romp around on with all her mates.

I will be posting photos shortly, however, I've been busy taking a number of courses relating to the new job, the latest being Drug Awareness, which was intriguing due to a variety of different reasons and I can't wait for Stage II.

We also have to do a little bit of shopping for blinds/curtains etc. as the windows in all rooms but one were bare. We've completed mostly every room but the kitchen and our room. We want to change the colour scheme in our room slightly so we've just had the light shears up from the last house. We do have to fix this soon though, as the sun is coming up at 5 a.m. and its completely disrupting my delicate sleep habits. A couch for the front room is in order as well - let me tell you - you often realize how much 'stuff' you have when moving, which we did, but furniture wise, we were lacking. There is only so much furniture you can stuff into a little two up, two down. We are not rushing though in terms of a couch, because after living with a futon for 3 years, we are getting exactly what we want this time, and we are shooting for not only elegance, but comfort, a couch that will envelope you in its pure coziness!

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