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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Happy Birthday to a Beautiful Woman

She is a trusted and valued friend, a loved and treasured sister, and of course an adored and admired Aunty.

Happy Birthday Dawn, with much love from your family across the ocean.

And in other news...

A big old package arrived from back home today and inside it I found a few of my favourite things, lovingly filled by my mama:

* Chocolate filled with peanut butter
* Stove Top, a favourite of not just mine but all my boys
* KD - what my boys love but mistakenly refer to as pasta...
* Three Jars of Kraft PB - cause what they have here is a poor excuse (and one of em just happens to be for Valentina :)
* Lucky Charms for the Boys (no wonder they love Gina and Dawn so much)
* Kraft Lite French Dressing
* Fish Sauce

and much more.

Not to mention the ace pair of Roots red sweats with Canada emblazoned across the ass. God love my little sister Fern.

So tonight, instead of sticking to my healthy eating, I'm boiling the pot as I type, anxiously looking forward to my first bite of KD - not something i ever ate much of back home but once you take the beaver out of Canada anything can happen!

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