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Thursday, June 28, 2007

I honestly don't know what to think...

I think maybe these girls have gone past it, but what do I know about these things? I think by the time Gerri had left they were fading fast.

No matter where I am though, when I hear a certain Spice Girl song it warps me back in time in Halifax when myself and a few girlfriends found ourselves in the Officer's Mess of an English naval ship that Cat had managed to score invites to. Oh the memories.

Row your boat some more

The north of Britain has been hit in recent weeks by massive downpours that have been causing a high level of flooding (see post about the dogs almost drowning). On Monday it came down so hard and fast that it made the rain of recent weeks look like a small shower. Most of our roads have been impassible and many people had to be escorted out by boat, their front lawns/roads are so completely submerged. Some have even lost their lives. Now, when those hit hardest are still wondering what will happen (as they can't go home due to high waters), we've been told to expect a rainstorm that will make Monday's pale in comparison. Will it come to pass? I certainly hope not, but I do hope that the counties and towns batten down and prepare as best as possible. I seem to remember a small coastline back in Canada that didn't quite heed the warnings for something called Hurricane Juan.

Andy and I were were going to host our first house party/BBQ this weekend, in honour of Canada Day but decided to postpone it for a few weeks until some proper summer weather decides to come our way. If it does rain like they say it will, I'm staying put, as all the roads get closed off and I can't be assed to sit in traffic for two hours to get back home. I won't complain though because honestly, its small potatoes compared to what some people have had to endure.

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