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Monday, July 02, 2007

My Home and Native Land

I didn't manage to post yesterday as I was afflicted with a very fuzzy head from a small gathering that involved a lot of Chinese food, and way too much vodka and wine. Dancing with a few of my friends in the living room at 12 a.m. soon led to some very competitive contortions that left one of my friends very sore the next morning. The things we do when we are drunk.

Connor spent most of yesterday running around wrapped in the Canadian Flag, telling his mate how it wasn't fair his Aunty Stacy gets to go to Mercy River whenever she wants and he doesn't.

When I consider where I am at this moment in time, here in England in our new home with my fantastic family, so many good friends around us, and a job I thoroughly enjoy I can finally say that England is now home to me too. Its also both amusing, and touching to realize that not only has England had this affect on me, but that my Canadian roots are rubbing off on the boys, something that is visible in small ways, but is definitely there. I'm over-joyed that they have the opportunity to experience the love of two great countries.

I proudly wore my red Canadian sweats from Roots all day, and my husband hung our Canadian Flag outside in the garden. We do intend on still having our Canada Day BBQ, however it will have to wait a few weeks until the ground is once again dry. But it matters not to me on what date I celebrate the country that I carry within me no matter where I am.

And any opportunity to have a party works for all of us.

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