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Sunday, June 03, 2007

If its half as good as last time...

Tonight officially begins our 10 day holiday to Greece. We travelled up from Grimsby tonight in order to stay in our company flat, as we are flying from Manchester at 6:55 tomorrow morning.

We land at Athens airport at midday and have to travel a few short hours to Aegina Island, just an hour and fifteen minutes off the Coast. For six days we will bask in island warmth and comfort before heading back to Athens for some culture and the wedding of our very good friends, Sophia and Paul.

Andy took me to a lovely Chinese restaurant for a fantastic meal (which I completely ate using chopsticks ;) It was a terrific start to our holiday. If this trip is half as wonderful as our honeymoon two years ago we will be truly blessed. We loved Greece the last time we visited (Kefalonia Island) and were trying to figure out where to spend our summer holiday when our friends announced their wedding. As the price came up right, we figured why not. So here we go. Here's to Greek tradition, sun, wine, and best of all, food. See you all when we get back.

Jods and Andy

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