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Sunday, July 08, 2007


The new hoover that we bought around Christmas time proved to be as useful at vacuuming as a little plastic vacuum you'd find in any pre-school. Once the start button broke, Andy gave in and took it back, swearing he was just going to buy another Henry, a little pull hoover he'd used for years and swore by. Now I was never overly fussy for the Henry myself but since I knew it worked better than the broken hoover, and that the much coveted Dyson was so far out of our price range, I relented.

Andy and Alex surprised me though. They didn't come home with a Henry at all. They came home with this:

Its called Hetty and is the newest model from the Henry range. The boys were so pleased with themselves for this purchase, figuring I'd love it if only for its colour. I could only laugh. Hetty is cute and she's not a bad hoover, and I had just begun to accept her. Until...

Until I borrowed something from my friend called a VAX, to actually clean the carpets. Elaine loaned me the Vax Hoover at the same time and now I don't even want to touch poor Hetty. I want to put her back in her box and take her back to the store for a full refund, and get myself a VAX. Hetty works well enough if your willing to get on your hands and knees to get the dog hair up with the hose, but the Vax just sucks it all up, especially those little lint balls that Hetty won't touch. I can't believe I'm blogging about a household appliance, its really astounding me if I were to be truthfully honest. But I need this hoover. I need this hoover like an addict needs his next fix of speed.

A Beloved Aunty

The Allenby clan were out last night for a family dinner at a lovely restaurant called The Beeches. Wendy had planned this a few months previous but didn't tell us there was any particular reason for the evening, we figured it was just another occasions for her to have an enjoyable evening with her family. Although the evening was exactly that, it was also in memory of Wendy's much loved Aunty Olive who sadly passed in the winter, leaving Wendy a very small sum of money. Wendy thought that this would be one of the best ways to share a portion of Aunty Olive's gift, and of course of celebrating her life. Which it certainly was. I believe she would be proud of the wonderful devotion of the family she has left behind.

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